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Trick or Treat: How the 49ers can Win Sunday Against the Bears

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Happy Halloween! The story of all horrors this week focused on the 49ers and their mighty struggles. From lack of consistency on offense to pass interference penalties, the issues are aplenty on the field.

Personnel-wise, it doesn’t look much better. San Francisco insists on starting veteran players on a one-ear deal rather than giving the nod to talented rookies and helping them develop.

Frustrations are running high while expectations keep sinking to new lows. As the Faithful prepares to go on a trick-or-treating spree, we take a look at how the 49ers can win against the Bears.

Trick: By not doing much

The 49ers have struggled with consistency all season-long. Why should we see anything different on Sunday? This is who the 49ers are this season. A talented team that makes boneheaded mistakes and underperforms week after week.

Thankfully, the Bears aren’t much better. The Bears have struggles of their own, with an ineffective offense, a young rookie Quarterback who – not unlike Trey Lance – has failed to generate any highlight-worthy plays. Their defense will be without star-player Khalil Mack and the seat of their head coach Matt Nagy is at least 500 degrees hotter than Kyle Shanahan’s.

San Francisco has the upper hand and that says more about Chicago than anything.

Don’t let Justin Fields’ fighting spirit fool you. The 49ers aren’t a good team right now but if any bounce back is going to come their way, it will be against the Bears.

Treat: Let pass rush feast on Justin Fields

Save for Nick Bosa, the 49ers pass rush hasn’t been particularly impressive stats-wise. This week will be the opportunity to rectify that, playing against an offensive line that would make the Jordan Devey-lead 49ers OL look like Hall of Famers.

To make matters worse, Justin Fields has done nothing to help his struggling offensive line, taking sacks on 14% of his drop-backs while being pressured within three seconds of the snap on 20.9% of drop-backs.

On downs where he’s not facing pressure, the Ohio State alumni has a passer rating of just 75.3%. Among the lowest in the league.

For a QB that many 49ers fans clamored before the draft, Justin Fields hasn’t looked particularly good. Time for the pass rush to have a field day!

Trick: Tell Norman and Kirkpatrick to keep their hands to themselves

San Francisco is on pace to break the record of defensive pass interference yards. There are multiple culprits, but it’s hard not to look at the veterans Norman and Kirkpatrick, favored to start over promising rookie Deommodore Lenoir.

Where would the 49ers be this year without these self-inflicted penalties this year?

Both their careers’ have been plagued by yellow flags and against the struggling Bears offense, all they will be asked to do is to not draw any flags. Is that too much to ask?

Treat: Get Jimmy Garoppolo on the move

During their most desperate hour against the Colts, when San Francisco needed a score in the worst kind of way, what did Kyle Shanahan do?

Go back to Jimmy Garoppolo’s heyday with play-action bootlegs and rollouts. The result? A 75-yard scoring drive on three passing plays.

The 49ers Head Coach has decided to keep rolling the dice with his veteran QB, so might as well play on his strengths.

4 years ago, Jimmy Garoppolo made his first start for the 49ers at Soldier Field. The Illinois native is coming back to play in front of his family and friends in what could be his last start as a 49er.

Just kidding, I tricked you. We all know Kyle Shanahan will keep shelving Trey Lance for a few more weeks.


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