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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 74: New Year’s Resolutions for the 49ers

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We don’t need to go over the fact that the San Francisco 49ers’ 2020 season has been a dumpster fire chock full of injuries. Currently sitting currently at 5-9, the team was officially eliminated from playoff contention with their loss to the Dallas Cowboys. In all honesty, though even if they had won that particular game, they would have been a longshot to make the playoffs. They’d need losses from various teams to even think about clinching the seventh seed in the playoffs.

There are many things that need to get taken care of to have a successful 2021 season. The team needs to make some New Year’s resolutions to ensure that these corrections take place so they can return to the success they had in 2019. Let’s take a look at some of these much-needed resolutions.

No More Injuries

The 49ers have been the most injured than other in the league. Each game those numbers keep growing. There have been a league-high 21 players on the roster of the 49ers that have been put on the IR this season.

Obviously, there is no way to predict or really prevent some of these types of injuries which have been happening. Football is a contact sports and there are consequences as such. The 49ers need to change their luck though.

To ring in 2021, the team needs to pull out all the breaks with a resolution to reverse their luck. Light the incense or burn the sage and make sure every area of the team’s facility and Levi’s Stadium are accounted for. Pull out the four-leaf clovers and rabbits’ feet as well and make sure they are placed all over.

The year 2020 hasn’t been kind to anyone, so all the bad juju of the year needs to be exorcised one way or another. That way we can hope for a healthy 2021 for the 49ers, free of injury.

Protect That Man

Through 14 games in the 2020 season the 49ers have thrown 17 interceptions. That puts them as the second worst team in that statistic behind only the Denver Broncos, who had to play a full game with no active quarterbacks.

The reason for that inefficient number does have a lot to do with inconsistent quarterback play. Three different quarterbacks have gotten reps at the position due to injury. But a lot of it is happening due to a pass rush being right in the quarterback’s face every time he drops back to throw.

Except for Trent Williams, who was a Pro Bowl selection, the offensive line has been very poor at pass protection this season.

All the members of the offensive line (again, minus Williams) need to make a resolution to protect the quarterback, whomever that might be, better in 2021.

Quarterbacks do shoulder a lot of blame for offensive inefficiencies, but when there is no time to throw, there is not much they can do. Whomever is under center in 2021 for the 49ers is going to need a lot more help from the offensive line.

Protect That Ball

Other than interceptions, which have been a problem, the 49ers’ offense has also struggled to hold onto the ball. They have 12 fumbles lost this season, which puts them just behind the league high of 13.

The ball carriers on the 49ers need to do a better job of not letting those balls get punched out or headbutted out by defenders’ helmets. Every 49ers ball carrier needs to make a resolution to do that much better in 2021. Whether it’s a running back, receiver, or a return man, everyone needs to HOLD ON TIGHT!

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