The Armchair Quarterback Volume 70:It’s a Celebration

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This past Sunday at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey something happened on that field for a second time in two straight weeks. No, it wasn’t the San Francisco 49ers leaving there with another victory, although that did happen.

The 49ers routed the New York Giants by a score of 36-9 just a week after defeating the New York Jets on that same field. But that’s not the repeat event I am speaking about. The repeat event was quarterback Nick Mullens fixing a knocked-over pylon in a post-touchdown celebration after a touchdown from running back Jerick McKinnon.

It happened against the Jets and it happened again against the Giants in a very similar fashion. McKinnon touchdown, Mullens pylon repair.

Now that Mullens is being linked inextricably to this celebration, what other nice-guy celebrations might he add to the mix?

Could you take my picture?

Many times, an end zone celebration involves posing, along with your teammates, for the game photographer that hangs out behind the end zone.

Mullens can go one step further with this celebration. He should pose for a picture with his offensive line and then offer to take a picture of the photographer. Mullens can grab that wide-lens camera and snap it right back at the photographer.

How often does a photographer actually get his picture taken? “Not enough” is probably what Mullens would say.

Surf’s up dude!

Running back Raheem Mostert has a pretty recognizable end zone celebration. After he scores a touchdown he begins surfing on his imaginary surfboard. Teammates have even begun joining him.

Mullens knows that a surfboard, even an imaginary one, needs to be waxed. He can grab and wax the imaginary surfboard for Mostert prior to the surfing celebration and cheer him on as he catches a wave.

A follow up celebration would be that if Mostert should wipe out, Mullens can rescue him with an imaginary lifesaver.


Another end zone celebration that Mullens could pull off is the “Caddy-back.” If he hands the ball off to one of his running backs and they score a touchdown, the two of them could jointly execute this celebration.

The running back would use the ball as a prop to putt an imaginary golf ball back to its home. Mullens would then come by to collect the ball/putter and act as “Caddy-back” for his teammate. Yes, that is a hybrid of quarterback and caddy and yes, I’m 98 percent sure I made that word up.

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