The Armchair Quarterback Volume 69: Non-Football Ways to Bounce Back from a Loss

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Last Sunday was a tough pill to swallow for the San Francisco 49ers and their Faithful. Losing is never easy, but it’s made even more difficult when it’s against your division rival Arizona Cardinals in a game that was within reach even to the end.

This Sunday however the 49ers travel to East Rutherford, New Jersey to do battle with the New York Jets. This game should be a very winnable one for the team as the Jets looked not great in their Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills.

However, as history has taught us countless times in the past, don’t underestimate your opponents. Even though the 49ers are favored against the Jets, they should absolutely take some measures to ensure they fully bounce back from that painful Week 1 loss.

Here are some non-football ways they should prepare for their battle against the Jets.

Honor Thy Legend

Legendary running back, former 49er and current Jet, Frank Gore will be on the opposite sideline against the team on Sunday. He clearly still bleeds red and gold as is evident from his Twitter profile and sound bites from this past Super Bowl weekend in which he referred to the 49ers as “we.”

Even though he is an opponent, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan should invite him to speak to the team before the game. He is a forever 49er so he would most likely oblige. He could tell some war stories of his time with the team and even commiserate with the team on how to bounce back after a Super Bowl loss. This would get the team so hyped and they’d be ready to go to battle and well…defeat his team on the field.

Jets head coach Adam Gase would probably not like his running back fraternizing with the opponents. But let’s face it has anyone ever cared what Gase thinks?

D-D-D-Dwelley and the Jets

The 49ers All-Pro tight end and top personality in the league George Kittle will not play on Sunday due to a knee injury he suffered during Week 1. Backup tight end Ross Dwelley will likely get a lot of snaps against the Jets.

The team needs to make sure to hype up Dwelley and that his personality shines through on game day. Kittle’s work on the field in the passing game and the running game are both enormous. But the energy and all-around enthusiasm he brings to the field are equally as important.

Dwelley needs to bring some extra funk to the field on Sunday. That should include (but is not limited to) singing along to songs playing in the stadium, giving the opposing defense some good-natured trash-talk and having his own catch phrase that he can use repeatedly similar to “o hey there.”

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