• 49ersHub Staff

Making the Picks: 49ersHub Predictions for the 49ers First Round Pick

The 49ers will be on the clock in less than three hours! Who do we think will be the pick? Read on to find out!

Will Cuberos (@wcuberos)

The Pick - Justin Fields

Let’s keep this short and sweet: the pick is Justin Fields. It always has been. Everything Shanahan has said has pointed to Fields being his guy.

Geoff Castaneda (@geoff_49ershub)

The Pick - Justin Fields

Forget what you’ve heard on Twitter,

I am here to tell you things will be fine.

Everyone can take a deep breath,

Legends are made on draft night.

Draft experts are clueless,

Shanahan has a plan.

All I know is it isn’t Jones.

Take my word for it,

3 is a lucky prime number.

Travis Rapp (@coach_rappcity)

The Pick - Justin Fields

The 49ers will draft Justin Fields with the number three overall pick. I believe that this has been the pick all along, and that Fields' skill set is a perfect match for Kyle Shanahan's offense to produce at a top rate now, and evolve over the next ten years.

I also believe they will trade back into the first round in a trade centered around Jimmy Garoppolo packaged with their third round pick and possibly more to either the Patriots 15th pick or the Bears 20th pick. At these two spots the team will either target an iOL like Vera-Tucker or a WR to partner with Aiyuk and Samuel.

Rob Moore (@BigRob49ers)

The Pick - Justin Fields

If you build it, they will come (Lombardi's) - Field of Dreams. John Lynch's motto from day one has been brick by brick. This is the brick that will complete the house and I expect the 49ers to draft Justin Fields with the number 3 pick in the NFL draft. He has all the upside of Trey Lance, but with much more experience against top defenses and he has the prettiest deep ball of all the Qb's in this draft class. Fields previous experience with Shanahan and the QB collective cannot be ignored and this pick just makes too much sense for it not to happen.

John Bulmer (@JB49ers76)

The Pick - Justin Fields

“So you got to let me know / Should I stay or should I go?”

The Clash, 1982

To me, this is pick no. 3 in a nutshell.Should Kyle stay with what he knows or should he stay true to his recent comments about Josh Allen and what he would look for in his ideal quarterback and go – go for the biggest, strongest, fastest guy who is also accurate?

I think the same song can also help us to find a solution to this conundrum:

“If I go there will be trouble / If I stay it will be double.”

Yes, moving on from a traditional pocket passer will be difficult at first; yes there will be teething troubles but staying is worse. Limiting yourself in the modern NFL, requiring perfection from the whole roster and yourself, restricting your ability to create off-script when things go wrong (and they do!) is, to my mind, undoubtedly worse.

Justin Fields should be the pick, he offers the accuracy of Jones with the physical upside of a Russell Wilson;an ability to keep plays alive when things break down, and to wear down a defense with his physicality; an ability for Kyle to unleash his full creativity and keep opponents guessing.

If you will indulge me in a little rewrite (apologies to The Clash!):

It’s always Fields, Fields, Fields,

The Niners fans are on their knees,

One day it’s Justin, next it’s Mac,

So if you want us off your back,

Kyle, come on and let me know,

Which way are you gonna go?

With the third pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers select… Justin Fields, Quarterback, Ohio State.