• Matt Woolsey

Making the Case: Why the 49ers Should Move on From Jimmy G

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann


Forty-Niner fans have come a long way since October 31, 2017.

When the team announced they traded a 2018 second-round pick for Jimmy Garoppolo, fans believed he would be the quarterback of the future. Then the final five games of the 2017 season only cemented that fact when Garoppolo led the team to five straight wins and brighter future.

However, that future was derailed in 2018 when Garoppolo suffered an ACL injury against the Kansas City Chiefs. Though the year was a lost cause it did give the Niners the second-overall pick in 2019, which became Nick Bosa. The Niners would go 13-3 with a Super Bowl berth; nevertheless, love for Jimmy G started to wane among the fans. Sure, the 49ers looked like they were back to championship form, but Jimmy was about as hot and cold as microwaveable soup. Then, when he had his chance to shine and be the hero everyone thought he would be, he overthrew Emmanuel Sanders and Patrick Mahomes went to sign the biggest contract in NFL history.

Last week, the 49ers traded with the Miami Dolphins, sending them three first-round picks in exchange for the third-overall pick in the upcoming draft. You do not give up that type of capital and not draft a quarterback. Yes, the 49ers may have had the league’s most handsome quarterback, but good looks do not win championships, so it is time to move on from Jimmy GQ.

First, there is his inconsistency and the fact in his 30 games with the 49ers he has thrown 26 interceptions (plus a few more that should have been intercepted). Then, there is his inconsistency in staying healthy. Sure, he tore his ACL in 2018 and sometimes that cannot be helped. Although in his case if he ran out of bounds,he would not have had the knee injury. But last season he missed 10 games and even though he was considered injured at the end of the season a lot of people believed he was an unofficial healthy scratch.

Despite the fact the 49ers have maintained Jimmy will be under center in 2021, the front office and Kyle Shanahan know their weak link. Despite the injuries they sustained last season, a better quarterback could have still gotten them to the playoffs. With the draft capital they have given up it is time to make the change. Last week’s trade was a make or break for the Red and Gold. It is time to see if it works out.


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