• Matt Woolsey

Anticipating the Worst: How the 49ers Could Lose Sunday and How they Can Keep it From Happening

Anyone watching football over the past 20 years might remember a Don Cheadle commercial called “Five Seconds. Last week it was not five seconds for the 49ers; it was three seconds. If only they took another three seconds off the clock, the Green Bay Packers would have run out of time. However, it is time to move on, and hopefully, the Red and Gold learned from their mistake. This week is a different animal; the Seattle Seahawks are traveling down south to take on the Niners.

The Worst Case

Worst case scenario is that the 49ers drop another loss and will be .500 for the 2021 season. The Rams and Cardinals are playing each other this upcoming weekend, so unless they end in a tie, one of them will be 4-0.

So, how could the 49ers lose to the Seahawks this weekend? The same way they lost to the Packers, and I am not talking about a last-second field goal. I expected to see Aaron Rodgers on his back quite a lot last Sunday night, but the 49ers had problems getting pressure against former MVP. Forget about all the pass interference calls against the cornerbacks in that game, Rodgers was well-protected, and he lit the defense up. Mix that with the NIners’ slow start, and it created the recipe for the loss.

Running quarterbacks have long been an Achilles’ heel for the Niner defenses. If they don’t get pressure against Russell Wilson, it will be a long Sunday afternoon for the Faithful. As I stated before: another issue against the Packers was the slow start by the offense. Part of this was because they could not get the running game going until the second half; even then, it was not what we are used to seeing.

Overcoming the Worst Case

For the 49ers to come away with a win, they will need to get pressure on Wilson.

However, as history has shown us, that alone is not enough. They will also have to keep him contained and not allow him to run around. This will also help the defense on the back end, where they are the weakest. On the offense side of the ball, they need to come out firing on all cylinders. Establish the run, limit the three-and-outs. Take risks like a fourth-and-1 when past the 50-yard line. The Niners have the talent to beat the Seahawks, especially with the game being in Santa Clara.


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