• Matt Woolsey

49ers Training Camp Offensive Battles to Watch

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

I’m pretty sure I can safely say I was not alone in wondering if we were going to have a football season in this great year we are having. I actually recall an argument I had with someone on Facebook a few years ago where I said there will always be football, and when football does cease to exist it doesn’t matter because it will be the end of civilization as we know it….geez

Now we are less than two weeks from the start of the NFL season. The 49ers should be kicking off the 2020 season, but that is neither here nor there and spilled milk, water under the bridge at this point. Like many things in 2020, all we can do is look forward and not backwards.

Teams are well into their training camps and it’s difficult to judge how players are doing without any preseason games. It’s strange to think, but I actually miss preseason. Usually after the first game we say okay, enough with the preseason, just bring on the regular season. But I do miss it, maybe just because it’s football, and for awhile we were not sure if we were getting a season.

Anyways, enough with the almost-not-haves and let’s talk training camp. I think we can all agree the biggest battle in 49ers training camp is at the quarterback position: Big Nick Mullens versus. Jimmy “the handsome one” Garoppolo. Who will be the starting quarterba- …okay we all know it’s Jimmy. I know every 49er fan loves Nick Mullens but Garoppolo is our quarterback and the only time we want to see Mullens on the field is in the fourth quarter and the Red and Gold has a sizeable lead.

Truly the biggest battle is at the running back position. We all know Kyle Shanahan doesn’t stick to just running back and he makes it difficult for fantasy players on whether or not they should start one or both of his running backs in a given game. However, for the first time since signing his massive deal two years ago, it’s looking more and more likely we will finally get to see Jerick McKinnon in a 49ers uniform. The team has already paid him a lot of money, so they might as well see what they can get out of him. However, as he looks over his shoulder, he sees Raheem Mostert closing in. Mostert came out of nowhere last season and made some news this offseason asking for a trade.

But the team loved what they saw in Mostert last season and with Matt Breida in Miami (and again, we have not seen McKinnon play a single regular-season down), the 49ers felt it was in their best interest to keep Mostert happy and restructured his contract.

So that leaves Tevin Coleman, Jeff Wilson Jr., and JaMycal Hasty. (Salvon Ahmed was waived last week.)Last season Kyle Shanahan had four running backs on the roster, and we have seen that he can take Bob the grocer and turn him into a star running back.JaMycal Hasty, as an undrafted free agent, could be that grocer. We saw what Shanahan did for Breida, also was an undrafted free agent. In this past Sunday’s practice Garoppolo threw five redzone touchdowns, and three of them went to Wilson. I’m sure we all remember his walk-off touchdown against the Cardinals last season. The 49ers can save over $2.8 million dollars if they cut Coleman this season. Coleman was pushed out of the starting lineup last season and almost became an afterthought. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers are without Coleman heading into Week 1.

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