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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 67: The Presidential Cabinet Part Deux

Image Credit: 49ers

There was absolutely no way one could do justice to naming a potential presidential cabinet for quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with one article. Therefore, I am back this week to continue to fill the hypothetical cabinet of a Garoppolo/Kittle (and Taylor) administration. Which other members of the San Francisco 49ers would make the cut in Jimmy G’s cabinet? Let’s take a look.

Secretary of the Interior

If it was 2019 the Secretary of the Interior would be an easy choice: DeForest Buckner. In 2020, however, the selection is a bit tougher as Buckner is no longer with the 49ers. But consider who the 49ers selected in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft to replace DeFo.

Rookie defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw will be manning the interior of the defensive line in 2020. He will have a lot of help from his teammates along the line, but he will no doubt be a force of nature on his own. He will be a solid replacement for Buckner on that interior of the defensive line. There are some that say his ceiling might even surpass that of his predecessor, comparing his prowess to the likes of another defensive tackle named Aaron Donald.

We won’t go that far yet, but let’s just say that he may be a rookie, but he is a top pick for Secretary of the Interior even at this stage in his career.

Secretary of Homeland Security

The 49ers received a huge addition to their roster via trade this year. When I say huge, I mean literally, because veteran tackle Trent Williams who was acquired via a draft day trade is one huge human. He was brought in to replace longtime 49ers left tackle and multiple-time Pro Bowler Joe Staley, who retired in the offseason.

The left tackle is a hugely important piece of the offensive line with a right-handed quarterback because he protects the blind side. And Williams was brought in to provide that extra “security” for Garoppolo. He brings his experience as a seven-time Pro-Bowler, in seven consecutive seasons, to the table. Therefore, with that résumé, Williams earns the nod as the Secretary of Homeland Security in this administration.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

There is one member of the 49ers current roster that has been in the league much longer than his teammates. Most have a single digit when it comes to years of experience in the league. A select few have double digits, and from that list there is one individual that stands out with 16 years of experience to his name.

This veteran amongst veterans is kicker Robbie Gould. He is not only a veteran amongst his teammates he is one of longstanding veterans in the league as a whole. For his many years of experience, he gets appointed as Secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Garoppolo administration.

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