• Matt Woolsey

Going the Social Distance: Why 49ers Fans Should be Excited by Players Offseason Work

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In a year full of disagreement, I think the one thing we can agree on is 2020 sucks.

And in a year where this has been cancelled, that has been cancelled, this has been pushed off until 2021, it’s great to see reports of players getting together for offseason workouts. This gives us hope of having an NFL season. And as a country we need an NFL season. We need something to bring us all together and hopefully the NFL can do that.

Sports have always been a way to bring people together. Even if people are fans of rival times that rivalry brings people together in a positive manner. And that is what this country needs right now. NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was instrumental in getting the Confederate flag banned in the sport and he opened up his garage to find a noose.

What the hell are we doing? Have we seriously reverted back that far? Or maybe we never left and thought we did.

I know people talk about the Confederate flag as part of our history and heritage. And while yes that is true the swastika is part of Germany’s history and heritage also, but we don’t see them flying that flag. The Confederate flag is about separation and bondage. What we need is unification and freedom. And hopefully football can bring that to a broken America.

Okay, off my soapbox. Let’s really talk sports.

For 49ers fans, it was painful to hear that last season’s breakout star, Deebo Samuel, suffered a Jones fracture in his left foot. But the timing is about as good as it can be. It’s likely he’s only going to miss a few games and the 49ers’ first few opponents are beatable. They open the season at home with the Cardinals and then fly to the East Coast to play both N.Y. teams.

Richie James Jr. suffered a broken wrist, which is not something you want to hear about your wide receiver/kickoff returner. This injury could cause James to be the odd man out.

Some good news: Trent Taylor is feeling like his old self after missing all of last season with the same injury Deebo Samuel just suffered, and hopefully the two are not alike. But with Deebo missing some time, Taylor can slide back into his old role of being third-down faithful to Jimmy Garoppolo.

The team is just now getting back into the swing of things and after not being able to participate in the usual OTAs and minicamps, so it’s nice to see something. Afterall, training camp and the preseason are hopefully right around the corner, and what we need is sports back in our lives. Let’s get back to hating the Seahawks and Cowboys instead of each other.


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