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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 61: 49ers We’re Most Excited to See this Season

Image Credit: Jalen Hurd/Instagram

It’s been a rough go these last few months with everything that’s been happening. However, the thought of San Francisco 49ers football in the fall is keeping some Faithful going. Whether we have fans in the stadium or a stadium full of Abercrombie and Fitch mannequins in 49ers jerseys is still to be determined.

There are some players though that the fanbase are just excited to see next season. They might be poised for a breakout season, or they might be returning from injury. But the anticipation to watch them play in the fall is there.

Kendrick Bourne

If you’re on social media, chances are you’ve seen some of wide receiver Kendrick Bourne’s workout videos. Bourne is committed to making himself all-around better. He’s not only putting in the work on the field, he’s setting lofty goals for himself.

I mean the 1,000 yards and winning a Super Bowl goals are great. Chances are, every wide receiver in the league wants to accomplish something similar next season though. Now the “wake up early” goal is something us non-pro athletes can get down with. I always think how much more I could accomplish if I woke up earlier.

If last season was “wake up late” Kendrick, what more flashes of greatness will be seen from “wake up early” Kendrick?

Trent Taylor

In his rookie season, wide receiver Trent Taylor was just starting to build a great chemistry with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo towards the tail end of the season. Expectations were high for Taylor in 2018, but early on in the season Garoppolo got injured and fans never got to see the chemistry between the two players develop further. Taylor then had a sophomore slump of sorts.

The 2019 season came around and expectations were once again high for Taylor, but this time around he got injured and sat out the whole season. It seems like so long ago that fans were treated to his slot abilities. Now 2020 is the year that we get to see his triumphant return to the field.

In 2020 Taylor will also have had two offseasons worth of tutelage from wide receivers coach Wes Welker, whom he drew comparisons with early on. The Faithful should be in for a real treat!

Jalen Hurd

Is anyone seeing a pattern here? Because I’m not.

But all jokes aside the 49ers wide receiver room is going to be full of competition in 2020. One anticipated return is wide receiver Jalen Hurd who sat out his whole rookie season with a back injury.

In a 2019 preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, Hurd hauled in two touchdown grabs. Fans were hoping for more of that in the regular season, but injuries prevented that from becoming reality.

Now with a whole season to heal up, Hurd is back up and running. Specifically, he’s running routes with Garoppolo. It’s great to see him getting in offseason reps with his quarterback, and it looks like he’ll be ready to contribute in 2020!

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