• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 59: Odd Couple Locker Room Pairings

Image Credit: Scott Young

The current roster of the San Francisco 49ers is chock full of colorful personalities. There are players on the team that take the chance to dance at every opportunity possible, and those that sing along to every song that comes on around them. But there are also those that tend to sit back and quietly enjoy the craziness going on around them.

With all those personalities, the locker room of the 49ers can be quite an intriguing place. Which pair of teammates though would make the most interesting pairing with their opposing personalities? Which two teammates, if they had their lockers next to each other would create television worthy content? Let’s take a closer look.

Dante and George

Tight end George Kittle and wide receiver Dante Pettis and are two very different people. Kittle, as most know, has a very outspoken personality, while Pettis is more of an introvert. Kittle is very often seen screaming and cheering on the sidelines when he is not on the field. And the NFL cameras have reels and reels of Kittle-content.

Pettis on the other hand is very rarely picked up by the cameras when he is off the field. His camera time comes when he happens to make plays on the field. But the main difference between the two players is that Kittle is a dog person, while Pettis is a cat person.

Imagine all the great locker room talks (really, arguments) the two of them would have. Such entertaining topics would include kitty litter vs. plastic bags, walks with the dog vs. chilling with the cat, and finally Deenie vs. Mowgli; who would be a cooler human. The possibilities are endless, but the results would be amazing if the audio and/or video was picked up and shared.

Juice and Unc

Fullback Kyle Juszczyk and cornerback Richard Sherman share many traits in certain areas. Both are top performers at their positions, having both been selected to multiple Pro Bowls. Both are highly intelligent men, having attended extremely prestigious universities. And both are beloved by their teammates.

But as far as the personalities and the geography of their journeys, both took quite different roads to get to the 49ers. Sherman grew up in Los Angeles and attended Stanford University. While Juszczyk grew up in Ohio and attended Harvard University. Sherman is very outspoken, while Juszczyk is slightly more reserved.

Having Juszczyk and Sherman’s lockers next to each other could provide a great assortment of talks (and also arguments). The first of these arguments would have to be the Midwest vs. the West Coast, because let’s face it how do you not start with that. A follow-up would be Stanford vs. Harvard, and not which school is better, but who had more elitist alumni. And finally, a topic that would bring the conversation back to the field, who could deliver the more devastating hit to an opponent. And let’s face it they’ve both had some nice ones.

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