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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 58: A Joe Staley Musical Retrospective

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann


Hopefully by now some of the tears have dried up, your eyes are less red, and you’re no longer choked up. Let’s admit it, this past Saturday was a tough day for fans of the San Francisco 49ers. Offensive tackle Joe Staley deciding to retire after 13 solid seasons was in all honesty not completely surprising, but it still stung.

Staley was the heart and soul of the 49ers for all of those 13 seasons. He was a leader on and off the field. For his stellar on-field play, he was selected to six Pro Bowls and was named as a member of the 2010s All-Decade Team. However, his silly and playful personality made him a fan favorite arguably more than his play on the field did. He loved to joke around with his teammates, he hosted his own web show for the 49ers’ website, and most of all he loved to sing.

So instead of talking about his top plays on the field, here we count down his top three vocal performances of all time.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Staley was the host of a 49ers’ insider program called “The Joe Show” that was produced for the team’s website. In it he would “monkey around” and “ask stupid questions to teammates” in the locker room. In one episode he was pushing quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to sing his go-to song.

After a bit of prodding the two of them broke in the greatest abridged duet of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” the world has ever heard. Garoppolo and Staley showcased their pipes for the world to hear. And to this day they still don’t get enough credit for it. But truth be told it worth all 20 seconds of it.

Like a Rolling Stone

For all of his 13 seasons, Staley was a force on the left side of the offensive line, starting all those seasons at left tackle. In 2018, the 49ers drafted right tackle Mike McGlinchey, who not only was a stellar compliment to Staley on the offensive line. He was also a stellar karaoke partner.

In another 49ers-produced segment called “One on One,” former team reporter Joe Fann would take players out on a drive a do some karaoke in the car. On one episode of the show in 2018, Fann took Staley and McGlinchey for a drive and they rocked out to numerous songs. None was better than their rendition of the Rolling Stones’ hit single “Start Me Up.”

Both players knew all the words to the song and provided viewers with the best ad-libs in between singing. If you thought they were a formidable pair on the field, wait until you saw them on the mic.

Around the World

Finally, Staley’s best singing moment came during a “One on One” with Joe Fann in 2017. Staley and Fann cut loose in the car and rocked out to “Around the World” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Staley not only knew all the words to the song, but his air guitaring was on point.

His screaming in the intro was so loud and enthusiastic it could’ve woken the dead and had them rocking out as well.

Out of Our Uniform, But Not Out of Our Hearts

While Staley may no longer be wearing his iconic number 74 uniform, he may not be gone from the organization completely. Who knows, he just might come back to host another season of “The Joe Show.” But for his on-field and off-the-field contributions to the 49ers organization for the past 13 seasons, we at the 49ersHub salute Joe and wish him the best in retirement!


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