Should the 49ers Invest Draft Capital in a Running Back?

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During draft time everyone puts on their GM hat and figure out the best path their favorite team should take. As I put on my GM hat for the 49ers, I ask myself a question: “Is there a running back the 49ers should draft?”

The 49ers have two first round picks and then do not have another pick until the fifth round on Saturday. So, with limited draft capital it’s important to hit and fill the most important team needs. And the fact the Niners traded DeForest Buckner for the 13th overall pick puts extra pressure on that selection because they had an established stud and traded him.

Back to the running back position: should they use what limited draft capital they have on the position? As a member of the family room GM team, I say no. If there is one position group that Kyle Shanahan has been able to get consistent production from, it’s the running backs; he has gotten production from undrafted free agents and from journeymen.

Nothing would please me more than to have a Christian McCaffery or an Alvin Kamara. The possibilities are endless, but what the 49ers currently have on the roster is more than adequate. In fact, we still have not seen what Jerick McKinnon can do under Shanahan. Maybe we never will, but he did restructure his contract to stay with the team and they have already invested so much money in him, so why not see what he can do for the team?

The 49ers did not lose any of their running backs during free agency. In fact, they are in a position to possibly trade one or two of them. Now is not the time to add to the position group; maybe next year, or the year after, depending on what happens this season. But they should use what little capital they have and secure a defensive back, or an offensive tackle, and by all means snag a stud wide receiver in a draft that is full of them.

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