• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 55: 49ers Shelter-in-Place Workout Playlist

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

With social distancing and shelter-in-place guidelines lasting until at least April 30, people are starting to give in to the fact that this is our new reality for the foreseeable future. Having said that, it’s time to start throwing together a shelter-in-place playlist for your at-home workouts. Why not put together a playlist inspired by your NFC best San Francisco 49ers. What songs might be on there you ask?

“Day Ones” - Ezale

The playlist has to start with a Bay Area artist, and therefore we have Ezale. He hails from Oakland, California, which after 26 years is now officially 49ers territory (that feels great to say). The song “Day Ones” is a fun upbeat tune that stresses the importance of sticking with those you came up with.

In terms of the 49ers, the “Day Ones” are the fans who have stuck through this team in thick and thin. They are critical within reason, but don’t slander quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo for no reason (seriously there’s still people that do that). The “Day Ones” were there for the 2-14 season and will be there for Lombardi number six. So, think about how far this team has come from the Chip Kelly days while you do some push-ups.

“Sky’s The Limit” – Lil Wayne

At this point most of the 49ers fanbase knows that head coach Kyle Shanahan is a huge Lil Wayne fan. So much so, that he even named his son Carter after the rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr. This means that in order for a playlist to be a 49ers playlist it needs to include a song by Tunechi himself.

“Sky’s The Limit” is a tune that very appropriately describes this current 49er squad. Critics were ridiculing them all season claiming they hadn’t played anyone of importance. Those critics were mostly quiet for their first two games of the playoffs but returned in full force upon their Super Bowl loss.

The thing is though we haven’t seen the best yet from this squad. A number of key players suffered nagging injuries all season and some never even saw the field due to being on the IR. With a full offseason to get healthy and a draft with two first-round picks to bolster the roster, the sky will be the limit for what Shanahan and the 49ers can achieve next season. So, think about all that is possible for the 49ers next season while doing some burpies and bumping Lil Wayne in the background.

“Better Run Run” – MC Hammer

If a playlist is going to be 49er-centric it needs at least a double dose of Bay Area artists. MC Hammer is one of the better-known sons of the Bay. He also hails from 49er territory, Oakland (I love saying that). Although his track “Better Run Run” is a Jay-Z diss track, the title feels like a phrase that epitomizes the 49ers offensive game plan, running the ball. The 49ers had one of the most successful run games in the league last season. And what better way to work out indoors than listen to MC Hammer telling you to “run run” whilst you run in place and burn those calories!

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