• Matt Woolsey

Add or Subtract? How the 49ers Should Address the QB Position

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann


I was 14 years old, sitting in my parents’ basement, witnessing the 49ers absolutely laying the smack down on the San Diego Chargers during Super Bowl XXIX. It was the type of beatdown where WWE’s Jim Ross would yell that this is a slobberknocker, and to stop the damn match. I will never forget the infamous scene of Steve Young asking someone to yank the monkey of his back.

It is very possible Young’s career would not have taken off had Tampa Bay not traded him to the 49ers. But it wasn’t always easy for Young. He started out as the backup for the greatest quarterback to every play the game. That’s right I said it, Joe Cool, the GOAT. But even after Young received the starting role, he still had the Montana cloud hanging over him until he finally got to raise that Lombardi.

It’s not so different for another 49ers quarterback 25 years later. Jimmy Garoppolo has been and will continue to be linked to Tom Brady, which is why some clickbait “analyst” wants to suggest that the 49ers sign Tom Brady and trade Jimmy G back to New England.

First off this is the dumbest thing I have heard. The 49ers were 10 minutes away from another Super Bowl victory and it wasn’t Garoppolo who cost them the game. He is now another year removed from his 2018 ACL injury and is the future of this franchise. There is no reason why the 49ers should dump Garoppolo for a 43-year-old quarterback.

But it hasn’t stopped this rumor from gaining some steam over the past few days because the so-called “analyst” wants to create clickbait just like a certain Patriots beat writer. However, in another Tweet, the same beat writer posts he was just spitballing. He had no real proof that either the 49ers or Tom Brady were interested in each other. In fact, NFL insider Ian Rapoport said he cannot find any real proof because the 49ers front office is pleased to have Jimmy Garoppolo.

The 49ers do not need to add any other quarterback to the roster. Not Tom Brady, not Phillip Rivers, not Joe Burrow. They just tendered a one-year contract to Nick Mullens and the only thing left will be to either trade or cut C.J. Beathard before the 2020 season begins. A lot of people didn’t understand why they kept Beathard but with Garoppolo coming off the ACL injury, Beathard was insurance. Now that we are another year past the injury it’s time for Beathard to find a new home.

In my humble opinion, the 49ers should start the 2020 season with only Garoppolo and Mullens under contract.


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