• Matt Woolsey

Grading the 49ers Offense in the Super Bowl

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

I want to start by wearing my fan hat for a moment. Last Sunday was disappointing, there’s no other way to phrase it. For 54 minutes the 49ers had that game won and it all fell apart in the last six minutes of the game. It was a bad look but at this point you must move on and look to the future.

However, this nonsense that I have seen from some sports channel, one that has a Booger on staff, and even some of the fans themselves saying the 49ers need to get rid of Kyle Shanahan. And they are also saying they need to cut Jimmy Garoppolo and try to sign Tom Brady. This is the biggest piece of crap I have heard since the Super Bowl. In no way, shape or form should the 49ers move on from Kyle Shanahan as their head coach.

He and John Lynch should get the extensions that were being talked about before the Super Bowl ever took place. What those two have done in their short time with the 49ers is remarkable. No one predicated the 2019 season that the 49ers had. Maybe a wildcard team, maybe 8-8, but not 13-3 and a Super Bowl appearance.

As for Garoppolo, this was his first full year as a starter. He was 15-4 in 2019, including the postseason. He is 21-6 as a starter for the 49ers. He is the future of this franchise; another year removed from his ACL injury and he has all the tools needed to get the 49ers back to the Super Bowl. 49er fans need to put away their pitchforks, breathe for a moment, and stop thinking with their emotions and start thinking with that thing on top their necks. As for the TV station who must not be named, fans should try the NFL Network instead; they’re a little bit better. Or I hear the “4th & Gold” podcast is alright.

Okay, fan hat off, sportswriter hat on. I think the biggest failure from the Super Bowl was the fact they didn’t let their bollocks hang, they weren’t aggressive enough. We saw in the playoffs alone how quickly the Kansas City Chiefs can score. They were down 24-0 against the Texans only to come back and take the lead in a single quarter before halftime. You must match them point for point and get points whenever you can.

I didn’t understand sitting on the ball and not taking timeouts when you had the ball right before halftime. I had said that it could come back to bite them and it absolutely did. The 49ers were getting the ball back to start the second half. They had an opportunity to score 14 points before Patrick Mahomes, the demigod, touched it again. That would have been soul crushing and yet the coaching staff was satisfied going into halftime 10-10.

Also, when they came out in the second half, they drove all the way down to the Kansas City 24 and kicked the field goal on fourth-and-2. Two bloody yards, you kicked the field goal instead of trying to get two bloody yards to keep the drive going.

Deebo Samuel was an absolute beast in the first half and barely touched the ball in the second half. George Kittle should have had double digit targets; he only had seven. You get your best player involved when you need to move the ball and score points.

The 49ers will be back, I do not think for one second this team is one and done. But I hope they, Kyle Shanahan specifically, learn that you go for the jugular every time. I don’t care if you put up 50 points on someone and get called out for running up the score. It’s their job to stop you, so make them try.

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