• Matt Woolsey

Super Bowl Preview: Can Kittle and 49ers Receivers Keep Pace with Chiefs

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

The Chiefs have proven this postseason you cannot never count them out thanks to their high-powered offense. They were down against the Texans 24-0 and came back to not only take the lead before halftime but beat them by 20. They were down by 10 twice against the Titans and came back to beat them.

When the Chiefs get into their rhythm, it adds pressure on the opposing offense to keep up. I have already addressed there is no need to be concerned over the lack of Jimmy Garoppolo’s passing attempts in the post season. If his number is called Kyle Shanahan will put the game in Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands, he will do what must be done. He will not hesitate and show no mercy. But we have already mentioned the handsome one. It’s not enough that Jimmy slings the ball around, can George Kittle and the 49ers wide receivers keep up with the high-flying Chiefs. The answer is quite simple: yes.

We already saw the 49ers post 48 points down in New Orleans, not a home game, against a very good Saints offense that put up 46 points themselves. If they get caught up in a shootout the 49ers can hang with the best.

During the Saints game Garoppolo threw for almost 350 yards. Emmanuel Sanders had over 150 of those yards. Deebo Samuel and George Kittle had over 140 yards combined. Sanders, Kittle, and Kendrick Bourne had four of the 49ers’ touchdowns; they can do this.

And six times this season the Chiefs have given up over 100 yards to either a wide receiver or a tight end. They have an okay defense with a few great players, but not a great defense. And let’s be honest - does their play caller have a better scheme than Kyle Shanahan? I think Shanahan has proven this season why he is the master and everyone else is just trying to keep up.

Here’s a nice little Super Bowl nugget for those of you who like records. In 1982, Dan Ross of the Cincinnati Bengals was the only tight end to have 100 yards in the Super Bowl. He would finish the game with 104 versus the 49ers. In 2013 Vernon Davis, yes that Vernon Davis, tied Ross when he had 104 yards versus the Ravens. Both would be surpassed by Rob Gronkowski in 2018 when he amassed 116 yards versus the Eagles. Could George Kittle break yet another one of Gronk’s records this weekend?

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