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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 48: Sherman Versus the World

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Lately, much criticism has come the way of San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman. The criticism seems quite unwarranted as he has been the best at his position for basically all of the season, helped lead his team to a Super Bowl, and added extra millions to his salary by hitting incentivized goals. Needless to say, Sherman has not ignored these jabs at him. And he clapped back hard at all those that uttered his name in a disparaging way. No casual criticizer has come away unscathed. His recent victims have included sportswriter Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and former NFL cornerback Darrelle Revis. But who else thinks they can come at “Uncle Sherm” and what might that outcome be?

Jalen Ramsey

This season the Los Angeles Rams traded every first round pick they had from now until head coach Sean McVay’s unborn son is 18 years old to the Jacksonville Jaguars to get cornerback Jalen Ramsey. The team had high hopes that he could help them clinch a playoff spot this season in a competitive NFC West division. Short story: he didn’t, and the Rams finished third in the division.

Ramsey has likely been sulking over this and probably all he has seen on TV since this postseason is Sherman wreaking havoc on opposing teams. So, the likeliest candidate to try and make some sort of noise against Sherman ahead of Super Bowl LIV is Ramsey. He would likely take to some form of social media and anoint himself the “the best cornerback in the game.” And Sherman would clap back with questions such as “Did you make an All-Pro team this season?” “Are you even top five at cornerback?” and “How did your team do in the playoffs?” Enough to effectively end that hypothetical conversation!

Frank Clark

Defensive end Frank Clark of the Kansas City Chiefs was caught on video running his mouth after the Chiefs punched their ticket to Super Bowl LIV by beating the Tennessee Titans. Clark was, of course, teammates with Sherman on the Seattle Seahawks from 2015 to 2017. And by all accounts the two had a good relationship. But now being on opposite sides of the ball means they are mortal enemies! At least until the big game is over. And so, he would be another top candidate that would run his mouth about Sherman.

Clark had to have witnessed Sherman slip up on one play in practice back when they were teammates. And he would be very happy to bring it up to try and get in Sherman’s head. The keyword there is try. Sherman would also have three questions for Clark. “Did you make an All-Pro team this year?” “How did you team rank defensively this season?” And, finally, “Were you even top-10 in sacks this year?” Another hypothetical destruction at the hands of Uncle Sherm!

Skip Bayless

Sherman already had a feud with television sports personality Skip Bayless early on in his career. Bayless tried to say something along the lines of Sherman not being nearly as good as Revis. And unsurprisingly, Sherman was not having it. He appeared on First Take and calmly called out Bayless for his take, pointing at his own stats and his All-Pro selection in his second season as to why it was bogus.

Now typically when all chances of either the Dallas Cowboys or the New England Patriots making it to the Super Bowl have fizzled away, Bayless starts with the hot takes. One hot take that he might come up with ahead of the Super Bowl is something along the lines of the 49ers not being able to contain all the weapons the Chiefs have on offense. And again, Sherman would approach the situation with three questions. “Have you even looked at our defense’s numbers?” “How are you still on TV?” and the knockout punch, “Is that hair even real?” As he did back in 2013 Sherman would “crush” Bayless again!

Shielded from Criticism

Even though everyone loves hearing Sherman clap back at haters, true fans of this game know he is one of the best to play the position. He deserves high praise for all he does on and off the field. Not to mention he is a nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, which every year is given to a player who dedicates himself to philanthropy. So, in the week we have left before the Super Bowl let’s change the conversation and talk about all the positives Sherman brings to the league, the team, and the community. And remember… stay Faithful my friends!

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