• Matt Woolsey

Should There Be Concerned By Garoppolo's Lack of Pass Attempts in the Playoffs?

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann


Kyle Shanahan doesn’t trust Jimmy Garoppolo.

I am about sick of hearing this take. People are questioning Jimmy Garoppolo’s ability to lead the 49ers to a Super Bowl victory against the Chiefs because of his lack of passing production against the Packers. And they believe his lack of passing production is because Kyle Shanahan doesn’t trust him with the ball.

It is no secret that sometimes Garoppolo will have a bad pass or two in a game. In the 18 games he has played this season (including playoffs), Garoppolo has thrown an interception in seven of them. Granted, that is not ideal, but sometimes they happen. But it’s not like he’s Jameis Winston and his 30 interceptions.

If Kyle Shanahan did not trust Garoppolo, then Nick Mullens would be starting for the 49ers. Now if we go back to Garoppolo’s last interception in right before halftime against the Vikings. Jimmy came right back out after halftime and threw the ball three times on the drive to lead the Niners to a field goal. The next drive after that here’s the yardage for the eight straight runs: four, six, six, seven, four, four, eleven, and then two for the touchdown. When you are getting production like that why not stick to the run. You take the two yards away because they scored a touchdown and they were averaging six yards a carry, they could not be stopped.

Jimmy G would throw the ball here and there for the remainder of the half, but the running game was getting it done and killing the clock. During the Packers game the 49ers were averaging almost seven yards a carry, even better than what they did against the Vikings.

Kyle Shanahan’s play calling said I am going to run this ball down your throat until you can stop me. They couldn’t, so he didn’t. If the game had been close Garoppolo would have thrown the ball more, but it was 27-0 at halftime. And the closest the Packers came to tying the game was within 14 points with less than nine minutes left to go in the game.

If Kyle Shanahan needs to put the game in Jimmy Garoppolo’s hands, then he will do what must be done. He will not hesitate and show no mercy. Jimmy led the league with fourth-quarter comebacks in 2019,

Shanahan trusts him and so should you.


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