The Armchair Quarterback Volume 46: Playoffs? Playoffs??

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The time has finally come! Levi’s Stadium will host its first playoff game this Saturday! It’s been a tough five-year stretch for the San Francisco 49ers and their Faithful since the stadium opened its doors, but the time is now. Having earned the number-one seed and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs the 49ers will look to put on a spectacle Saturday against the Minnesota Vikings. What are some things that the Faithful in attendance can hope to experience in this divisional round playoff game, you ask?

The East Side

The east side of Levi’s Stadium has been known to overheat on some of the hotter days of the year due to a number of factors. But that PROBABLY will not happen on Saturday! Santa Clara is expected to have highs in the mid 50s and lows in the low 40s. I might be going out on a limb here, but I don’t expect any spectators to suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. However, reports are saying that all the members of the Hot Boyzz will play on Saturday. So, while the eastside may not be hot… the block sure will!

The End Zones

The end zones are already painted in the classic red along with saloon font. That will bring some nostalgia to the fans of the 49ers’ past playoff runs. The red is special and kept only for the playoffs. Green grass is given, but red-painted grass is earned. And by golly every inch of that red grass was earned by the players and the coaching staff this entire season!

Sell-Out Crowd

On Monday the 49ers announced that Saturday’s game was sold out. You know what that means? It means 68,000 plus fans getting loud! This season was really the break-out season for Levi’s Stadium. There was a certain energy that Candlestick Park had which hadn’t been seen in the first five seasons at Levi’s. But this season things started to shift. Make no mistake about it, when a team plays good football it energizes their fans. And this 49ers team has played more than just good football, they have played great football. If you are in attendance on Saturday, expect the stadium to be loud, raucous, and full of energy!

A Saturday to Remember

It’s not every Saturday that one gets to enjoy their NFL team playing in an important playoff game. So Faithful, I implore those of you attending the game to cheer your hearts out until your voices are hoarse, take in every moment with your available senses not with your phones, and be there to support the 49ers until the clock hits 0:00. And as always, stay Faithful my friends!

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