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49ers Game Recap: Sweep LA

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann


The San Francisco 49ers came into Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams in need of a bounce back performance. Their loss last week to the Atlanta Falcons was a game that left a bad taste in the 49ers players mouths.

The 49ers did not start the game off with the fire you would expect from a team ready for a bounce back performance. Through the first half the Rams appeared to be in complete control. They scored first following a 10-yard pass from QB Jared Goff to WR Brandin Cooks, and the 49ers offense sputtered to a halt on the following drive. At the start of the next quarter, CB Jalen Ramsey made a daringly acrobatic interception off QB Jimmy Garoppolo to set up another scoring drive, with RB Todd Gurley bouncing outside of CB Richard Sherman for an easy touchdown.

The 49ers seemed to wake up though. On the following drive, the offense seemed much more fluid and in sync, with WR Deebo Samuel doing an excellent Alex Smith impression from the 2012 divisional game against the lints, completing a 19-yard run down the sideline for a touchdown.

The Rams offense continued to be a thorn in the side of the Niners side though. The pass rush could not contiain Goff, who seemed to move in and out of the pocket at will. The defense seemed to not have any answers for them, with Gurley getting in for another touchdown.

Trailing 21-10, the Niners offense needed to add something before halftime. The offense started to find a rhythm, with Jimmy completing a few passes one after another Jimmy was able to get the Niners to the 16-yard line, and RB Raheem Mostert took the reins and got in, aging a touchdown and chipping away at the Rams led, 21-17.

Both teams continued to go blow-for-blow up until the half, but right before the whistle, the Rams tried to move down the field to get a scoring opportunity before going to the locker room, before LB Fred Warner read a play perfectly, intercepting Goff and returning it 46 yards for a touchdown, giving the Niners the lead, 24-21, with 00:48 seconds to go before the half.

The 49ers offensive woes continued into the second half. The 49ers received the ball to start, and shortly afterwards Garoppolo attempted a pass to WR Emmanuel Sanders, but Ramsey deflected it and CB Darious Williams caught it for the interception. The 49ers defense was able to hold them back, and K Greg Zuerlein missed the 52-yard field goal attempt.

Both teams continued to go blow for blow with each other, with the Rams taking the upper hand in the third quarter, with Goff completing a 22-yard pass to WR Cooper Kupp for the TD and the lead.

Near the end of the game it took the 49ers tight ends to get the offense going, follo9wing a massive catch by Kittle and a 25-yard completion by TE Ross Dwelley, the Niners were able to get into the end zone following a touchdown throw to Kittle, and regain the lead.

Final SF 34-31


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