• Matt Woolsey

Game Plan: What the 49ers Need to Do to Go 11-1

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

There is no denying Aaron Rodgers is a first-ballot Hall of Famer, and not even he could escape the 49ers’ pass rush. There have only been two quarterbacks that have really given the 49ers fits. One was Russell Wilson, and even he looked human against the 49ers, but he was able to do enough to get the win. The other would be rookie sensation Kyler Murray.

These two quarterbacks have something in common, their ability to move in the pocket, and take off for a long run. The 49ers have a very aggressive defense and sometimes that is to their disadvantage. If the quarterback can break containment, they may get a big gain on the ground.

Next week, the 49ers are taking on the Ravens in what some are calling a potential Super Bowl preview. The Ravens have something in common with the Cardinals and Seahawks, and it’s not the fact they all have a bird for a mascot. The 49ers have the second-best defense in the league, behind the New England Patriots. The Patriots have one loss on the season and that came from the Ravens and their electric quarterback Lamar Jackson.

The 49ers must travel to Baltimore for this game. They have already proven they can travel across the country and win. They have a game plan that travels well: Run the ball down your throat and stuff you on defense. However, if the defense cannot find a way to hold Jackson in the pocket it could be a long game as it was for New England. This defense will need to keep Jackson in front of them and don’t let him get halfway down the field.

It’s not just Jackson’s legs you have to be careful of; he has a big arm to go along with it. With the big play ability of receiver Hollywood Brown down the field, the Red and Gold will have a lot to contend with this Sunday.

Then, if the defense starts to bend, it will be up to the offense to pick up the slack as it did against the Cardinals. Over the last four games the Ravens’ defense is averaging fewer than 12 points allowed per game. So, it won’t be an easy task but they are beatable. Both the Chiefs and the Browns put up more than 30 points on the Ravens. Neither one of those teams have Mad Scientist Kyle Shanahan calling plays or The People’s Tight End George Kittle.

And now Deebo Samuel is starting to come into his own. If Emmanuel Sanders’ ribs are not a bother and Jimmy Garoppolo is careful with the ball, there is no telling what this team could do on Sunday.

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