• 49ersHub Staff

Which 49ers Players Are We Thankful For?

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

Each and every year, everyone at the 49ersHub find new things to be thankful for. Be it new and up and coming players and coaches, to fans that we get to connect with. This year we wanted to showcase some of our favorites!

Safa Shooshtry (@RealArmchairQB)

This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for Arik Armstead and the progression he has made as a player. After four mostly forgettable seasons, when many were ready to write him off, he took a huge jump in 2019. In his first four seasons combined he had nine sacks. This season through 11 games, he has 10 sacks. And with that he is currently top-five in the league in that statistic, and a Pro Bowl candidate. So this Thanksgiving, while you are enjoying a meal with your family and friends, just remember to FEED THE BEAST!

Johnny Kinsley (@BrickWallBlitz)

The player I am most thankful for has to be George Kittle. Obviously it's rarer for fifth round picks to be elite players in the league than it would be for day 1 or day 2 picks, but it's even rarer for a fifth round *tight end* to be at the top of his craft! In what was hailed as a loaded tight end draft class in 2017, Kittle overcame the odds and has outplayed David Njoku, OJ Howard, Evan Engram, Adam Shaheen, etc and has even outplayed Travis Kelce and Zach Ertz to make himself the top tight end in football. The team felt his absence in the few games he missed, and he's a game changer for an offense than has few experienced receivers outside of him.

Matt Barr (@MattBarr_)

Every good Thanksgiving meal needs gravy. It's versatile and goes with just about everything on the plate. The gravy on this 49ers squad is running back Raheem Mostert. He's proven to be a swiss army knife on offense and plays a crucial role on special teams. Mostert is also the only running back to have appeared in every single game this year. I'm thankful for Raheem (and would like to see him get more touches)

Bret Rumbeck (@brumbeck)

Kicker Robbie Gould's ego is sitting down this afternoon for a large slice of humble pie. Gould, one of the NFL's top kickers, decided to make a stand and demand more money for the use of his right leg. Naturally, the 49er executives capitulated and placed a franchise tag on Gould in late February 2019. They denied his request for a trade, and then signed him to a four-year deal worth $19 million. Of note, $19 million is more money than both starting guards Laken Tomlinson and Mike Person make combined.

I'm thankful that new kicker Chase McLaughlin, the man with a backbone of steel and blood of liquid helium, has stepped in to show Gould his services are no longer needed.

Zach Pratt (@MeZachP)

This year, I am thankful for Deebo Samuel and his unique combination of speed and physicality. I have about 200 reasons why I chose Deebo, but I'll try to be brief. Even though he can change direction on a dime, he is able to combine that with a speed that makes it seem like he's riding a bike while everyone else is walking, breaking away faster than you can say "Bye, Felisha." He's always bobbing and weaving, but he's not like a Desean Jackson speedster. While he'll happily take the angles to run by someone, if those angles aren't present, he's willing to put up his dukes and drop the defender like he's done to so many in the past. He's not the dog catcher. He's the dog catching everybody else. He might not be the biggest receiver, but there is nothing tiny about him. Deebo is a number one receiver, and will make a beautiful two piece special with George Kittle for the foreseeable future.

Travis Rapp (@coach_rappcity)

If you would have asked me a few years ago who my top five least favorite NFL players were, without a doubt Richard Sherman would have been on that list. Oh how a change in scenery can change your perception. He was cocky, he was loud, and he kept the San Francisco 49ers from the Super Bowl. Two out of three of those are still true, but he is now one of the reasons the 49ers are among the Super Bowl favorites this year. His leadership, maturity, and ability to support his teammates through anything has been incredible. There is no flipping the bird at our starting quarterback or telling him he sucks. He is a true Kyle Shanahan player who puts winning and the team above all else on the field. His press conference recently supporting Jimmy Garoppolo is a clear sign of the teammate he is. In remembering him enjoying his turkey dinner at midfield at Levi's Stadium, I have to say I am thankful that he is now on the right side of the NFC battle.

Matt Woolsey (@Aresgodff)

When the 49ers drafted Reuben Foster, they were expecting a wrecking ball. He showed signs of being just that. However, with his inability to stay out of trouble mixed with a few injuries he was shown the door. The 49ers do not need Foster, because they have Fred Warner. Warner flashed last season but was a bit overshadowed by Kwon Alexander this season. Not going to lie, I was upset when Alexander went on IR and I can’t wait to see him back next season. But the defense has not missed a beat because Warner stepped up to be the wrecking ball the 49ers thought they had in Foster. Eleven tackles and the forced fumble that set the tone against the Green Bay Packers. I bet 52 and 53 are happy to see a wrecking ball like Warner playing for the 49ers.

From all of us here at the 49ersHub, we would like to wish you and all of the faithful a very happy Thanksgiving!