• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 43: Crossing Wires with Myers

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

This past Sunday was an absolute nail-biter game for the San Francisco 49ers and the Faithful. The team trailed by three points very late in the fourth quarter. But with 37 seconds left, they scored the go-ahead touchdown for the lead, and eventually won the game by 10 points. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s about play-by-play announcer Chris Myers and his egregious errors in calling the game. He repeatedly called DeForest Buckner “Brentson,” he referred to Nick Bosa as “Joey,” and I’m pretty sure he also called Kyle Shanahan “Mike.”

But why stop there, if he’s going to confuse current players with past players and family members, he should shoot for the moon. And if he gets a chance to do another 49er broadcast this season, here are some possible options for him to work with.

Emmanuel Sanders

Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders came over to the 49ers right before the trade deadline from the Denver Broncos. And he has been extremely productive since then. But he also shares the same last name with NFL Hall of Famer and former 49er, Deion Sanders.

Deion was a rival turned fan-favorite when he came over from the Atlanta Falcons in 1994. He shut down opposing wide receivers, snatched interceptions, and high-stepped his way into the Faithful’s hearts. Myers can call Emmanuel “Deion” every time catches a pass. Don’t be alarmed if you hear “Deion Sanders with the first-down” from Myers on his next Niner broadcast!

Fred Warner

Linebacker Fred Warner was exceptional in 2018 during his rookie season. He has been equally exceptional this year. Myers needs to match that exceptionality in his play-by-play flub when he references Warner. It can only be done by unceremoniously referring to Warner by a Hall of Famer that shares his last name… Kurt!

Quarterback Kurt Warner first stepped onto the field as a 27-year-old rookie in 1998, and in the following year he wowed crowds with the way he slung the ball. He was a part of the “Greatest Show on Turf” St. Louis Rams team and boy did they put up numbers! But on the next episode of “49er football with Myers,” fans will hear phrases like “Kurt Warner with the tackle” and “Boy that Kurt Warner can really cover the field!”

Jimmie Ward

Jimmie Ward is a safety on the 49erswho has overcome every possible injury in the book and defied odds to be on the field. Andre Ward is a retired boxer from the Bay Area who won multiple world titles and retired undefeated. They are a perfect combination to be confused by Myers. But we’ll cut him some slack on this one. By incorrectly referring to Jimmie as Andre, he can use phrases that actually would crossover. Ones like “Andre Ward with the big hit” and “Andre Ward just blasted his opponent.” But it will still be hilarious and upsetting at the same time when the mistake is made!


People make mistakes, these are facts of life. But when one makes mistakes at the rate that Chris Myers did on the 49ers broadcast this past Sunday, they need to take ownership of it. Don’t just play it off like it didn’t happen. Either correct yourself or become the mistakes. For the record we at the 49ers Hub don’t condone tanking in the form of broadcasting. BUT, if you do plan on doing it, be responsible and make it entertaining!

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