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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 41: Finding DeFo

November 8, 2019

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All the great defenses in NFL league history had stylish yet fearsome nicknames. “The Steel Curtain,” “The Purple People Eaters,” and “The Monsters of the Midway” are just some of those stylish/fearsome hybrid names. And now in 2019, the San Francisco 49ers are 8-0 and only giving up 241 yards per game, a league best. The 49ers defense deserves a nickname for this amazing squad they currently have. Let’s take a look at some options.



Guardians of the Golden Gate


Now if you read The Armchair Quarterback Volume 15 this past offseason (everyone read that, right?), then you would know that I’ve already anointed the defense with a nickname. And yes, I am going to recycle that name again here because it was that great! The Guardians of the Golden Gate is a nickname that exemplifies the stylish yet fearsome moniker. They protect their house and strike fear into the hearts of opposing offenses. No Chris Pratt here, just DeForest Buckner, Richard Sherman, Nick Bosa and gang defending the Bay Area!



The Sentinels of Silicon Valley


In 2014, the 49ers left their home in San Francisco to find greener pastures in Silicon Valley. The first five seasons were rough. But as with all new stadiums you have to work the kinks out. But in 2019 the team has taken back the onus to protect Silicon Valley from invaders of other realms. And at 8-0 they have guarded their home stadium, as sentinels would in the classic sense of the term. But they have also wreaked havoc on other teams in their stadiums, much like the sentinels from X-men! 



Finding DeFo


“Finding Nemo” was a Disney movie. “Finding DeFo” is what all opposing offensive linemen worry about when they are on the field. Defensive tackle and team captain DeForest Buckner was a headache for opposing O-Lines last season. And in 2018 he had the first double-digit sack season for the 49ers since 2012. That says a lot. And with the added attention opposing teams have put forth in blocking him, it opens up opportunities for his teammates. You know like, say, one Nick Bosa, who is tied (with one less game) for first in sacks amongst rookies with seven of them. Therefore, this nickname is dedicated to Captain DeFo!  



The defensive unit of the 49ers will undoubtedly earn more nicknames before the season is over. There is something with Alcatraz that can be created. There is also the other captain on the defensive side of the ball, cornerback Richard Sherman, who deserves a personalized moniker. Who knows what other nicknames will come into existence? One thing we do know is that on Monday night, the 49ers’ defense will have their hands full with an MVP-candidate, quarterback Russell Wilson. It will be a make or break night where they will get a chance to show their worth. But we, who have followed this squad closely all season, say it will be a “make” on primetime! 

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