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49ers Stock Watch Following Game Six Win

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

What a mess. The San Francisco 49ers kept their undefeated season rolling with a sloppy 9-0 win over the Washington Redskins in Landover, Maryland this past Sunday. Now that everyone has had a chance to dry off, let’s jump into the stock watch.

Stock Up: Slip’n’Slide Celebrations

On the last play of the game, 49ers’ standout rookie defensive end Nick Bosa sacked Redskins’ quarterback Case Keenum. He then proceeded to slide through the standing water on the field and inspired many of his teammates to join him. Once the final whistle blew, nearly the entire sideline erupted into slip’n’slide celebrations all over. The Redskins’ radio announcers took offense to the jubilation, making it all the sweeter.

Stock Down: Laundry Bills

Goodness gracious, that game was a football player’s dream. What portions of the field weren’t covered by standing water had been stripped of most the turf, leaving the playing surface as one big mud pile. The Redskins wore their dark burgundy throwback uniforms while the 49ers sported their traditional away whites but by game’s end, both were the same color: mud. The only folks envying the equipment managers was probably the groundskeepers.

Stock Up: The Defense’s 100-yard Streak

For the third consecutive game, the 49ers defense held an opposing team to less than 100 yards of net passing. For a team that had been gashed through the air for the first two years under current defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, this is a near unprecedented turnaround. Between the monsoon and the suffocating defense, QB Case Keenum could not find any sort of rhythm against the 49ers’ defensive scheme. He did complete 75 percent of his passes but only had 12 attempts and 77 yards as Redskins interim head coach Bill Callahan wanted to establish the run. No matter how you shake it, three straight games without allowing 100 yards passing is unheard of in this league.

Stock Down: Robbie Gould, Still Not Automatic

I’m going to be frank. It was impressive that kicker Robbie Gould was able to bang home three field goals considering the weather. However, he did miss a 45-yard attempt wide left in the second quarter. Until Gould goes an entire game without a missed kick, he is going to land himself in the “Stock Down” category each week.

Stock Up: Kendrick Bourne Stays Relevant

Since head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch took over, they have drafted five wide receivers. Kendrick Bourne, on the other hand, was an undrafted free agent that has gotten steadily-increasing playing time over the last three seasons. On Sunday, he led the team with three catches for 69 yards and sparked the offense to begin the second half. With the recent acquisition of Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos, playing time will be harder to come by for every receiver. Bourne’s reliability is his best trait and could lead to him seeing the field more than his cohorts with the draft pedigrees.

Stock Up: Defensive Line’s Continued Domination

The amount of talent and draft capital currently occupying the 49ers’ defensive line is undeniable. They have demonstrated an authority over each and every opposing offensive line they have come across all season. Sunday was no different. The Redskins were no match for the likes of DeForest Buckner, Arik Armstead, Dee Ford and the aforementioned Nick Bosa. They logged three sacks, the most impressive of which was Ford’s. He beat the tackle so badly off the snap, he paused thinking he had jumped offsides before finishing the play. The 49ers are riding the success of the defensive line and so far, that strategy has paid massive dividends.

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