Victory in a Land Called Fantasy: Which 49ers Positions are Startable Beyond Running Back?

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Through the first month of football every time a team steps up to the 49ers, they knock them right back down. However, even though they have a perfect record, things haven’t been completely perfect on offense. We have seen that Jimmy Garoppolo’s mechanics are off a bit. They had five turnovers against the Steelers. And, sometimes, they still have issues in the red zone.

With all that being said, what happens on the field is always how it translates into fantasy football. For example, when Tyrod Taylor was playing we could all see he wasn’t a very good NFL quarterback. But he did alright for fantasy because he is good at rushing the ball. Josh Allen has some accuracy issues but does well in fantasy because he also runs the ball well.

In fact, for fantasy purposes Allen is a better quarterback than Garoppolo, even though I think Garoppolo is the better NFL quarterback. In the right matchup, Andy Dalton is an okay quarterback in fantasy and the Bengals haven’t won a single game. You take away his game against Pittsburgh and he’s actually done quite well. So, despite the 49ers’ 4-0 record, not all of their players will work for fantasy football.

Whoever the starting running back is you have to play him. And it looks like you can start not only Matt Breida but Tevin Coleman as well. The 49ers are currently third in the NFL in total fantasy points from the running back position. And that’s with a bye week included. On a per-game average they are number one.

Unfortunately, the quarterback position isn’t hitting in fantasy. The 49ers are twenty-eighth in the NFL in quarterback scoring. The handsome one isn’t getting a lot of points but in the right matchup he may be worth the start. The Rams this week may be a high scoring game and they are middle of the pack in fantasy against the quarterback. The reservation that I do have is the latest news of right tackle Mike McGlinchey being out for four to six weeks with a knee injury.

Until one of the 49ers’ wide receivers steps up and says he wants to be the alpha male, you cannot start any of them. They are ranked 30th in the league. The only teams worse are the tanking Dolphins and the mono-plagued Jets. I personally thought Pettis was going to step up and be that guy, but he hasn’t to this point. In fact, he even dropped an easy reception during the Browns game. Until someone steps up and says he wants to be the guy, do not start any wide receivers from the 49ers.

Always start The Peoples’ Tight End; if George Kittle is going to be endorsed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, that’s all you need to know.

At this point it seems like the 49ers’ defense is a worthy start in fantasy. They are getting to the quarterback. They are getting sacks and turnovers and are not giving up a lot of points. Use them unless something changes.

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