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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 37: The Bye Week Buzz

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

The San Francisco 49ers early bye week is now in the books. The lack of 49ers football in Week 4 may have driven some 49er Faithful crazy last Sunday. But there were some important events that went down in in the league this past weekend. And that’s what we are here for, to summarize the good, the bad, and the ugly of Week 4!

The Good: The 49ers are the Only Undefeated Team Left in the NFC

The Green Bay Packers went into the Thursday Night Football matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles with a 3-0 record. But they suffered a Seattle-esque fate. Late in the game and down 34-27, the Packers turned the ball over on downs while in the red zone. What makes this a unique situation is that they chose to throw the ball four times in a row from their opponents’ 1-yard line. At no point did head coach Matt LaFleur think “Hey maybe we should try ONCE to run the ball.” Unverified sources say this is due to the fact that LaFleur had starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers on his fantasy football team that week. Either way, they are no longer undefeated.

The Dallas Cowboys are the Super Bowl champs according to their fans every season in Week 1.They had an abysmal showing on Sunday Night Football. The New Orleans Saints absolutely neutralized the Cowboys offense. Running back Ezekiel Elliott who was the NFL’s leading rusher last season ran for a season-low 35 yards on 18 carries. And quarterback Dak Prescott was only able to pass for a measly 223 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. The ‘Boys left New Orleans with a 12-10 loss and their first“L”of the season.

The Detroit Lions were the third undefeated NFC team to head home Sunday with a loss. They hosted the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs and really showed their “lion hearts.”They gave quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs everything they could, even taking a 30-27 lead with a little over two minutes left to play. However, Mahomes showed why he was the MVP last season and led his team down the field for a late game-clinching touchdown. The Lions have a lot to be proud of as it was the most impressive 34-30 loss of the season. BUT, they are no longer undefeated.

And who could forget about the Los Angeles Rams. The division rival and constant thorn in the 49ers’ side. And who did the Rams lose to you ask? Why it was to the Tampa Buccaneers by a score of 55-40. Those same Buccaneers that the 49ers got no credit for defeating. But it’s of no consequence at this moment. The Rams are no longer undefeated, and the 49er still are!

And thus, with the Cowboys, Lions, Packers, and Rams all going down in Week 4. The 49ers sit atop the NFC as the sole undefeated team!

The Bad: The Browns MIGHT Actually Put up a Fight

The Cleveland Browns had a lot of undue hype coming into the season. The emergence of rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield last season left a lot to be expected in his sophomore campaign. And with the arrival of star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in the offseason, the expectations were sky high. But they looked like the Browns we all knew after their first three games, going 1-2.

But the Browns had a breakout game against the Baltimore Ravens. And running back Nick Chubb rushed for 165 yards and three touchdowns. While this doesn’t necessarily spell out gloom and doom for the 49ers, they will certainly have to be extra cognizant with stopping the running game ahead of their Week 5 Monday night matchup against the Browns. Don’t be surprised to see 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh come out with some creative ways to stall the Browns offense.

The Ugly: Gardner Minshew’s Nickname

The cult following of Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew continues to grow at a rate only seen byThe Rocky Horror Picture Show. He led his team to a 26-24 victory against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. And with that victory, fans learned of the nickname that his teammate, running back Leonard Fournette gave to him. “The Jockstrap King” was that unholy nickname,a title of royalty that absolutely no character on Game of Thrones would even consider vying for. And those characters were HUNGRY for titles! Fournette spilled the beans that Minshew is known to stretch in only his jockstrap pregame. If you are disturbed by this knowledge, just know you are in the 99.9 percent.

Well Week 4 was certainly action packed! Some teams that were front runners showed extreme vulnerabilities. And some teams that looked to be faltering stepped it up and got a much-needed W. But there was a void for the Faithful. But that void will soon be filled this upcoming week on prime time when the Niners go to battle with the Browns at home. And who knows there might even be a new call-back chant to the Dawg Pound, one that goes “WHO SHUT THE DAWGS OUT!”

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