• Matt Woolsey

Victory in a Land Called Fantasy: Analyzing 49ers Fantasy Value Through Three Weeks

Image Credit: Andrew Giesemann

So far 2019 is a great time being a 49ers fan. The team looks like they have vastly improved on both sides of the ball. They are producing points on offense, and not just settling for field goals. They are stopping people on defense and creating turnovers. But does this translate to fantasy value? Have we seen the 49ers’ start-worthy players for your fantasy team over the first three weeks?

First the handsome one. If you started Jimmy Garoppolo in any week other than Week 2 you were disappointed. When it comes to fantasy, at least so far, Garoppolo is matchup dependent. If he’s facing a struggling defense, he should be start-worthy. Maybe Sunday would have been a different story without the turnovers and maybe another touchdown when they did turn the ball over deep in the Steelers’ territory. But we can play the what-if game all day long; it’s what really happens that matters.

One thing everybody knows about head coach Kyle Shanahan is he is going to get production out of his running backs. If Matt Breida was drafted in your league it was probably late, and I’m 99.9999 percent sure Raheem Mostert was a waiver wire pickup after the season started. But they have produced at least flex-worthy numbers with upside. If you play them as your flex they will not disappoint. But be prepared for Jeff Wilson to snipe touchdowns in the red zone. He doesn’t get enough volume for a bench spot but fantasy-wise he will be frustrating. From a fan standpoint, go Wilson.

The Niners’ wide receivers have been terrible for fantasy. They have been great on the field in making plays, but that doesn’t always translate. Shanahan is spreading the ball around too much and no one has emerged as that number-one receiver. And things look to get even muddier after the bye with the return of Jalen Hurd. It might be awhile before you can point to any one WR and say “start him regardless.”

We knew going into 2019 that George Kittle would not dominate as he did in 2018. There was going to be too many mouths to feed. But you had to pay up to get him and if you paid that third-round price, Kittle has been disappointing. He has been consistent but not dominating like you were hoping. He did have two touchdowns called back in Game 1 that would have helped. However, you’re not going to bench him because he has been consistent and at any moment he can take a pass 75 yards to the house.

I want to see how the defense plays against a really good offense but if they keep getting pressure to the quarterback and causing turnovers. They just may be a plug-and-play defense in 2019.

The 49ers may not be great for fantasy and as a fan, I really don’t care. They are 3-0 and just keep on winning, because that is what matters more.

FYI they are on a bye, so don’t start any of them this week.

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