• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 35: Bumpboxx Knockers

Image Credit: 49ers


Many fans of the San Francisco 49ers saw and heard the Bumpboxx during the team’s pregame entrance last week in various videos. For those not in the know, the Bumpboxx is essentially a Bluetooth boombox. And it played some walk-out music for the 49ers players as they approached the field at Raymond James Stadium. That initial walk-out track happened to be a Young Thug song. But there are numerous tracks that would really pump the players up and get their football juices flowing. Let’s take a look at a few candidates for Bumpboxx walk-out songs.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s Original Theme

Fans of the WWE from back in the late 1990s and early 2000s knew that whenever they heard glass shatter, that something was about to go down! Because glass shattering followed by some mean guitar riffs meant that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was on his way to the ring. Now there’s one player on the 49ers that is really into pro wrestling… I mean really into pro wrestling. If you need a clue, his name rhymes with Forge Little. And there is little doubt that he would get extremely pumped with the “Stone Cold” theme music ushering him onto the field. He might even give the opposing team a football version of the “Stone Cold Stunner,” which would basically be putting up 100-plus yards receiving for the game!

“Jumpman” - Drake & Future

Prior to the start of last season, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo signed with Michael Jordan’s brand. What better song to get him hyped than Drake and Future’s hit “Jumpman?” The song embodies the iconic logo that is all over the Jordan Brand apparel. And Jimmy G will be rocking a lot of that apparel. “Them boys up to something” will no longer just be a repetitive line from the song. It will take on a meaning of its own for the team. Whether that be sacking opposing quarterbacks, causing turnovers, or in Jimmy G’s case hooking up with his receivers for big plays; them boys will surely be up to something!

“Going the Distance” - Bill Conti

Anyone who says the soundtrack from the movie Rocky doesn’t get them pumped is lying! Most people in the western world have seen the movie Rocky and the tracks from that movie, boy do they elicit emotions. “Going the Distance” by composer Bill Conti is an artful song that raises one’s adrenaline levels exponentially. The character of Rocky Balboa is much like the 49ers this season, underdog with a lot of heart and a lot to prove. Many out there in media land have counted them out already, but they will not fold for anyone. As was the case against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 49ers fought up until the end. This track will not only pump up the team in pregame, but it will inspire them to “go the distance” against each and every opponent this season!

There are many great tracks out there that would absolutely be Bumpboxx worthy. But the tracks mentioned above will strike a nerve in players. Music has the ability to inspire, the ability to motivate, and the ability to cause random bouts of karaoke if tackle Joe Staley has anything to do with it! But that’s for another time!


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