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Zach's Draft Corner: Is the First Draft Pick a Sure Thing/What to Watch

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The first ever draft pick was a running back by the name of Jay Berwanger from the University of Chicago, the 1935 Heisman Trophy winner. Berwanger was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles, but had his rights traded to the Chicago Bears. Berwanger never ended up signing a contract with the Bears. Initially, Berwanger refrained from signing so that he could maintain his amateur status and try out for the 1936 Summer Olympics as a decathlete. After failing to qualify, Berwanger then had a dispute with Bears' owner George Halas over a $1,500 difference in salary between each person's final offer. Rather than succumb to Halas's offer, Berwanger accepted a job offer from a rubber company in Chicago and became a part-time coach at his alma mater.

In the years since, there have been 83 more first overall picks, many of which had a bit more success than Berwanger. Ki Aldrich, a center out of Texas Christian University (TCU) who was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals in 1939, was the first number one overall pick to make an All-Star Game. Soon after, Bill Dudley, a running back out of the University of Virginia who was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1942, began a successful career that saw him be the first number one overall pick to be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

There were also a number of busts in those early years. Frank Dancewicz, a quarterback from Notre Dame who was drafted by the now-defunct Boston Yanks in 1946, managed a paltry 12:29 TD:INT ratio in his three-year career. This was still better than Terry Baker, a quarterback from Oregon State who was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams, who didn't throw a single touchdown in his three-year career with the Rams.

Of the 84 total first overall picks, only 13 have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (this number could increase based on how the committee views recent players, like the Manning brothers and Carson Palmer). While this seems small, this is still the most for any draft position (12 Hall of Famers were drafted at #2 overall, 12 at #3, 12 at #4, 9 at #5, 13 at #6, 2 at #7 (Clyde "Bulldog" Turner and Champ Bailey), 6 at #8, 4 at #9, and 4 at #10).

Lowering the bar a little bit, 48 first overall picks made a Pro Bowl/All-Star Game at some point in their career. However, this still seems low, and 8 of those players only made a single Pro Bowl. These 8 players include the likes of Jameis Winston, who would surely be considered a bust at this point in his career. Another 9 only made the Pro Bowl twice. This means that only 31 players have had the type of sustained success you would expect of a first overall pick, though Jared Goff and Myles Garrett will likely reach that peak with a few more years of service time.

This is still the draft slot with the highest chance of producing a successful player. With the second overall pick, there have only been 45 Pro Bowlers. 12 only made it a single time, but it wouldn't shock anyone is Saquon Barkley, Mitch Trubisky, and/or Carson Wentz made more. 5 more only made it twice, meaning that only 28 second overall picks have seen that sustained success.

Breaking the first overall pick down by positions, quarterback is far and away the most common position selected first overall with 32 quarterbacks going first. Out of these 32 players, only 3 are Hall of Famers, pending how the HOF views the Mannings and Palmer. Slightly more promising is that 18 of these quarterbacks became Pro Bowlers eventually.

The second most common position selected first overall is running back, with 23 running backs selected first overall (5 Hall of Famers, 11 Pro Bowlers). However, no running back has been selected first overall since Ki-Jana Carter back in 1995, and that didn’t end well. The other positions selected first overall stack up as follows: 15 defensive linemen (2 Hall of Famers, 9 Pro Bowlers), 7 offensive linemen (3 Hall of Famers, 6 Pro Bowlers, only Harry Babcock in 1953 to the 49ers missed), 3 wide receievrs (0 Hall of Famers, all 3 made Pro Bowls), 3 linebackers (0 Hall of Famers, 1 Pro Bowler), and a single defensive back (Gary Glick in 1956, neither a Hall of Famer nor a Pro Bowler).

Ultimately, as expected, you have the greatest chance of picking a future hall of famer, or at least a player that will have multiple Pro Bowl level seasons, if you have the first overall pick. However, even with the opportunity to select any player in the entire draft, teams still select a player that won’t even make a single Pro Bowl just under 50% of the time. This just goes to show that there are a number of factors completely out of a team’s control when selecting a player, and the draft truly is all about making the best educated guess you possibly can.

Here are some other fun stats that I noticed while researching this topic.

  • Four teams have never had the first overall pick: Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars (Panthers held the first pick in the expansion draft), Baltimore Ravens (technically, the Ravens gave the Browns history back and IP to a trust owned by the NFL, which was to be given to the new owner of the Browns when they re-formed in 1999), and the Seattle Seahawks

  • Only 19 first overall picks have been Super Bowl (or NFL in the pre-Super Bowl days) Champions. Only 9 have won multiple Super Bowls (6 of which were quarterbacks). Terry Bradshaw is the winningest first overall pick with four Super Bowls.

  • Notre Dame, USC, and Oklahoma are tied for the leader with 5 first overall picks apiece

  • Biggest Busts

  • Berwanger

  • JaMarcus Russell

  • Ki-Jana Carter

  • Tom Cousineau (to add insult to injury, Cousineau was drafted with a pick the Bills obtained when they traded O.J. Simpson to the 49ers. Later, Cousineau was traded by the Bills for a draft pick that turned into Jim Kelly)

  • Steve Emtman

  • Tim Couch

  • Best Picks

  • John Elway

  • Peyton Manning

  • Bruce Smith

  • Ron Yary (Yary was the only first overall pick to play in the Super Bowl the same year he was drafted, as the Minnesota Vikings lost Super Bowl IV)

  • Orlando Pace

  • Chuck Bednarik

  • Actors

  • John Matuszak (1973) - Matuszak was a little too slow to be a superstar defensive end on the football field, but these same sloth-like qualities made him tastier than a Baby Ruth to star in "The Goonies".

  • Peyton Manning (1998) – You probably know him best from his commercials and SNL appearance, but Manning was also a pretty good quarterback.

  • Terry Bradshaw (1970)

  • O.J. Simpson (1969)

  • Bubba Smith (1967)

  • Eli Manning (2004)

  • Gloves that did not fit a first overall pick - 2

  • Murder charges acquitted – 2

TV Guide

The sheer amount of college games on at any given time can be completely overwhelming. Every week, in the TV Guide section of my column, I will choose the top two games at any given time slot and outline the various prospects you can watch in those games. That way, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and hit the “Previous Channel” button on your remote to toggle between games chock full of pro prospects. Here is your guide for week zero (all times Eastern, Playoff rankings in parentheses).

Just a quick note! We will have a new format for the TV Guide moving forward this season. I’m going to list all of the draft eligible players that will impact the games themselves, meaning the lists will be pretty long. Then, I'll summarize each team by showing the players seriously in contention to be drafted at this point in time. However, it's important to know that one exceptional season can cause an impactful player to become a draftable player, so these names are still good to monitor.

Friday, September 6, 2019

College of William & Mary at University of Virginia, 8:00 PM, ACC Network/ESPN 3

William & Mary



Bryce Perkins, Senior Quarterback, #3

PK Kier, Junior Running Back, #6

Joe Reed, Senior Wide Receiver, #2

Hasise Dubois, Senior Wide Receiver, #8

Eli Hanback, Senior Defensive Tackle, #58

Charles Snowden, Junior Linebacker, #11

Jordan Mack, Senior Linebacker, #4

Bryce Hall, Senior Cornerback, #34

Brenton Nelson, Junior Safety, #28

Joey Blount, Junior Safety, #29

Are you a fan of a defense that is in desperate need for a stud cornerback? Then Virginia should be appointment viewing for you whenever possible, as Bryce Hall is a surefire first round pick. Snowden is a mid-round linebacker for now, but has a unique set of physical traits that could move him up the boards with a strong junior season. On offense, Perkins is the man to watch as he tries to throw his way into a flyer pick.

Marshall University at Boise State University (24), 9:00 PM, ESPN2


Tyler King, Junior Running Back, #3

Obi Obialo, Junior Wide Receiver, #7

Levi Brown, Senior Center, #61

Channing Hames, Senior Defensive Tackle, #94

Chris Jackson, Senior Cornerback, #3

I wouldn’t be surprised if Marshall did not have a player drafted this year. King and Brown have the best chance, but they are late round picks at best.

Boise State

John Hightower, Senior Wide Receiver, #16

CT Thomas, Junior Wide Receiver, #6

Ezra Cleveland, Junior Tackle, #76

Eric Quevedo, Senior Guard, #79

John Molchon, Senior Guard, #77

Garrett Larson, Senior Center, #67

David Moa, Senior Defensive Tackle, #55

Curtis Weaver, Junior Defensive End, #99

Kekoa Nawahine, Senior Safety, #10

Hightower lost his quarterback to the draft, but the dynamic weapon for the Broncos should still put up some big numbers this season. Moa has always been a strong prospect, but a medical redshirt is giving him a sixth year of eligibility. He’ll have to prove he can stay healthy to get drafted. Weaver is another potential late round pick on the Bronco defense.

Sacramento State University at Arizona State University, 10:00 PM, PAC12 Network

Sacramento State


Arizona State

Eno Benjamin, Junior Running Back, #3

Brandon Aiyuk, Senior Wide Receiver, #2

Kyle Williams, Senior Wide Receiver, #10

Zach Robertson, Senior Tackle, #51

Steven Miller, Senior Guard, #71

Cohl Cabral, Senior Center, #73

Roe Wilkins, Senior Defensive Tackle, #95

George Lea, Senior Defensive Tackle, #17

Tyler Johnson, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive End, #41

Kobe Williams, Senior Cornerback, #5

Chase Lucas, Junior Cornerback, #24

Eno Benjamin is the type of do-it-all running back that will make scouts drool envisioning him in modern systems. Robertson should also get drafted for his work creating holes for Benjamin. On defense, the Sun Devils boast a decent pass-rusher in Tyler Johnson and a good cornerback in Chase Lucas. Don’t be surprised if either or both of these prospects return for another season, though.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Army at University of Michigan (7), 12:00 PM, FOX


Cole Christiansen, Senior Linebacker, #54

Elijah Riley, Senior Cornerback, #23

While respectable for their work, nobody on Army is truly a draft prospect right now. Christiansen has the best bet, though.


Shea Patterson, Senior Quarterback, #2

Tru Wilson, Senior Running Back, #13

Donovan Peoples-Jones, Junior Wide Receiver, #9

Nico Collins, Junior Wide Receiver, #4

Tarik Black, Junior Wide Receiver, #7

Sean McKeon, Senior Tight End, #84

Nico Eubanks, Junior Tight End, #82

Ben Bredeson, Senior Guard, #74

Jon Runyan, Senior Guard, #75

Michael Onwenu, Senior Guard, #50

Michael Dwumfour, Senior Defensive Tackle, #50

Josh Uche, Senior Defensive End, #6

Kwity Paye, Junior Defensive End, #19

Khaleke Hudson, Junior Linebacker, #7

Josh Ross, Junior Linebacker, #12

Lavert Hill, Senior Cornerback, #24

Josh Metellus, Senior Safety, #14

Army will be a unique test for the Michigan defense, especially Khaleke Hudson, Lavert Hill, Josh Metellus, Kwity Paye, and Josh Uche. Hudson will have the showcase to prove his meddle as a Devin Bush replacement, and the remaining prospects can show that they have the physicality to play the run. On offense, Peoples-Jones, Collins, Black form a wide receiver trio where any of the three could break out to be the best of the bunch. Each player will at least see a camp, though.

University of Cincinnati at Ohio State University (5), 12:00 PM, ABC


Desmond Ritter, Redshirt Sophomore Quarterback, #

Michael Warren, Junior Running Back, #3

Josiah Deguara, Senior Tight End, #83

Perry Young, Senior Linebacker, #6

Bryan Wright, Senior Linebacker, #11

Cameron Jefferies, Senior Cornerback, #14

Desmond Ritter has flashed some skill, but the redshirt sophomore would be unwise to enter the draft this year. Young and Wright are a formidable linebacker duo, and hope to get a chance in the later rounds.

Ohio State University

J.K. Dobbins, Junior Running Back, #2

Demario McCall, Junior Running Back, #30

K.J. Hill, Senior Wide Receiver, #14

Austin Mack, Senior Wide Receiver, #11

Binjimen Victor, Senior Wide Receiver, #9

Luke Farrell, Junior Tight End, #89

Rashod Berry, Senior Tight End, #13

Thayer Munford, Junior Tackle, #75

Jonah Jackson, Senior Guard, #73

Robert Landers, Senior Defensive Tackle, #67

Davon Hamilton, Senior Defensive Tackle, #53

Chase Young, Junior Defensive End, #2

Jonathon Cooper, Senior Defensive End, #18

Jashon Cornell, Senior Defensive End, #9

Malik Harrison, Senior Linebacker, #39

Pete Werner, Junior Linebacker, #20

Baron Browning, Junior Linebacker, #5

Tuf Borland, Junior Linebacker, #32

Jeffrey Okudah, Junior Cornerback, #1

Shaun Wade, Redshirt Sophomore Cornerback, #24

Damon Arnette, Senior Cornerback, #3

Jordan Fuller, Senior Safety, #4

Jahsen Wint, Junior Safety, #23

Did you have fun watching the drubbing last week? This should be more of the same, but there aren’t really any great matchups in the early slate, so just watch the team with the talent. Dobbins, Hill, Farrell, Munford remain the players to watch on offense. Young started right where he left off with a dominant opening week performance. Okudah was also strong, but the competition was lacking. Landers, Harrison, Borland, and Wade round out the defensive stars for Ohio State, with each one being a mid- to late-round prospect.

Texas A&M University (12) at Clemson University (1), 3:30 PM, ABC

Texas A&M

Kellen Mond, Senior Quarterback, #11

Kendrick Rogers, Junior Wide Receiver, #13

Jhamon Ausbon, Junior Wide Receiver, #2

Quartney Davis, Junior Wide Receiver, #1

Dan Moore, Junior Tackle, #65

Carson Green, Junior Tackle, #54

Justin Madubuike, Junior Defensive Tackle, #52

Michael Clemons, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive End, #91

Tyree Johnson, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive End, #3

Anthony Hines III, Redshirt Sophomore Linebacker, #19

Charles Oliver, Senior Cornerback, #21

Larry Pryor, Senior Safety, #11

Texas A&M has an insane schedule, and it starts here with Clemson. Kellen Mond is a late round prospect, but a strong showing against a team like Clemson can put him on the map. Jhamon Rogers and Quartney Davis should have plenty of opportunities in what will likely be a shootout. This also means that Madubuike, Clemons, Johnson, and Hines get a chance to do some serious building on their draft stock against the reigning National Champions.


Trevor Lawrence, True Sophomore Quarterback, #16

Travis Etienne, Junior Running Back, #9

Darien Rencher, Junior Running Back, #21

Tee Higgins, Junior Wide Receiver, #5

Justyn Ross, True Sophomore Wide Receiver, #8

Diondre Overton, Senior Wide Receiver, #14

Amari Rodgers, Junior Wide Receiver, #3

Tremayne Anchrum, Senior Tackle, #73

John Simpson, Senior Guard, #74

Sean Pollard, Senior Guard, #76

Gage Cervenka, Senior Center, #59

Nyles Pinckney, Junior Defensive Tackle, #44

Xavier Kelly, Junior Defensive Tackle, #22

Jordan Williams, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle, #59

Justin Foster, Junior Defensive End, #35

Isaiah Simmons, Junior Linebacker/Safety, #11

A.J. Terrell, Junior Cornerback, #8

K'Von Wallace, Senior Safety, #12

Denzel Johnson, Senior Safety, #14

Tanner Muse, Senior Safety, #19

I don’t usually put true sophomores on here, but Trevor Lawrence and Justyn Ross are too special not to watch. I would not be surprised to see both be top-10 picks in 2021. As far as draft-eligible prospects go, Etienne and Higgins form a strong duo of skill position players that should hear their names called early. If Clemson has a weak point, it’s their offensive line, but Simpson and Pollard are decent prospects on the interior. Isaiah Simmons will be a first round selection this year at either linebacker or safety. Yes, he’s good enough at both. Williams, Foster, Terrell, Wallace, and Muse are all mid- to late-round prospects at this time, but the additional playing time each should see after last year’s graduations should give them plenty of opportunity to raise their stock.

University of Nebraska (25) at University of Colorado, 3:30 PM, FOX


Jaron Woodyard, Senior Wide Receiver, #88

Kanawai Noa, Senior Wide Receiver, #9

J.D. Spielman, Junior Wide Receiver, #10

Jake Stoll, Junior Tight End, #86

Matt Farniok, Junior Tackle, #71

Brendan Jaimes, Junior Tackle, #76

Boe Wilson, Junior Guard, #56

Carlos Davis, Senior Defensive Tackle, #96

Ben Stille, Junior Defensive Tackle, #95

Daishon Neal, Senior Defensive Tackle, #9

Khalil Davis, Senior Defensive Tackle, #94

Darrion Daniels, Senior Defensive Tackle, #79

Alex Davis, Senior Defensive End, #22

Mohamed Barry, Senior Linebacker, #7

JoJo Domann, Junior Linebacker, #13

Tyrin Ferguson, Senior Linebacker, #43

Lamar Jackson, Senior Cornerback, #21

Eric Lee, Jr., Senior Cornerback, #6

Dicaprio Bootle, Junior Cornerback, #23

Avery Anderson, Senior Safety, #4

Marquele Dismuke, Junior Safety, #19

Nebraska has a decent amount of talent, but none are blue chip prospects. The speedy Spielman is the best of the bunch, but his small stature may worry some teams. Stoll might get some looks in the middle rounds in a weak tight end class. Davis, Davis, and Daniels are late round hopefuls. The best prospect on defense is Lamar Jackson (not that one), but even he is likely a fourth or a fifth round guy at this point.


Steven Montez, Senior Quarterback, #12

Laviska Shenault Jr., Junior Wide Receiver, #2

Tim Lynott, Senior Guard, #56

Mustafa Johnson, Junior Defensive Tackle, #34

Nate Landman, Junior Linebacker, #53

Davion Taylor, Senior Linebacker, #20

Delrick Abrams Jr., Senior Cornerback, #1

Mikial Onu, Senior Safety, #2

Colorado has some decent talent, but the man to watch is Laviska Shenault. This should be a great matchup between Viska and Jackson, and a matchup that scouts will look very closely at in their evaluation of each player.

Brigham Young University at University of Tennessee, 7:00 PM, ESPN


Ty'Son Williams, Senior Running Back, #5

Aleva Hifo, Senior Wide Receiver, #15

Matt Bushman, Junior Tight End, #89

Thomas Shoaf, Senior Tackle, #59

Tristan Hoge, Senior Guard, #69

Zayne Anderson, Senior Linebacker, #23

Dayan Ghanwoloku, Senior Cornerback, #5

Troy Warner, Senior Cornerback, #1

Austin Lee, Senior Safety, #2

The biggest star on the team is Bushman, a prolific receiver who could use a little work in the blocking area. Williams might get some looks at running back. 49er fans may be familiar with Troy Warner, as he is the brother of 49ers star linebacker Fred Warner. Unfortunately, at this point, Troy is not the same caliber of prospect that his older brother was.


Jarrett Guarantano, Junior Quarterback, #2

Tim Jordan, Junior Running Back, #9

Ty Chandler, Junior Running Back, #8

Jauan Jennings, Senior Wide Receiver, #15

Marquez Callaway, Senior Wide Receiver, #1

Josh Palmer, Junior Wide Receiver, #5

Dominick Wood-Anderson, Senior Tight End, #4

Trey Smith, Junior Guard, #73

Ryan Johnson, Junior Center, #70

Aubrey Solomon, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle, #98

Darrell Taylor, Senior Defensive End, #19

Deandre Johnson, Junior Defensive End, #13

LaTrell Bumphus, Junior Defensive End, #88

Shanon Reid, Junior Linebacker, #21

Daniel Bituli, Senior Linebacker, #35

Baylen Buchanan, Senior Cornerback, #28

Nigel Warrior, Senior Safety, #18

Tennessee is very similar to Nebraska in that they get a lot of solid recruits because of the name recognition, but do not develop the talent they get into NFL-level prospects. Darrell Taylor is the best of the bunch, and could see some first- or second- round love with a strong senior season. Otherwise, Chandler, Jennings, Smith, Solomon, and Warrior are all hoping to simply get drafted.

Louisiana State University (6) at University of Texas (9), 7:30 PM, ABC


Joe Burrow, Senior Quarterback, #9

Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Junior Running Back, #22

Lanard Fournette, Senior Running Back, #27

Derrick Dillon, Senior Wide Receiver, #19

Dee Anderson, Senior Wide Receiver, #11

Justin Jefferson, Junior Wide Receiver, #2

Stephen Sullivan, Senior Tight End, #10

Jamal Pettigrew, Junior Tight End, #80

Thaddeus Moss, Junior Tight End, #81

Saahdiq Charles, Junior Tackle, #77

Badara Traore, Senior Tackle, #74

Damian Lewis, Senior Guard, #68

Lloyd Cushenberry, Junior Center, #79

Breiden Fehoko, Senior Defensive Tackle, #91

Tyler Shelvin, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle, #72

Rashard Lawrence, Senior Defensive Tackle, #90

K'Lavon Chaisson, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive End, #18

Andre Anthony, Junior Defensive End, #46

Justin Thomas, Junior Defensive End, #93

Jacob Phillips, Junior Linebacker, #6

Patrick Queen, Junior Linebacker, #8

Michael Divinity, Senior Linebacker, #45

Kristian Fulton, Senior Cornerback, #1

Grant Delpit, Junior Safety, #7

Todd Harris, Jr., Junior Safety, #33

This is the game of the week. If you can only watch one game, make it this one. Burrow, Edwards-Helaire, and Charles are all decent prospects on offense for LSU, but this game will be all about LSU’s defense against Texas’s offense. Rashard Lawrence, K’Lavon Chaisson, Kristian Fulton, and Grant Delpit are all likely first round talents in this upcoming draft. Jacob Phillips and Patrick Queen have the opportunity to fill the void left by Devin White, and successfully doing so could vault either one into high draft consideration.


Sam Ehlinger, Junior Quarterback, #11

Collin Johnson, Senior Wide Receiver, #9

John Burt, Senior Wide Receiver, #1

Devin Duvernay, Senior Wide Receiver, #6

Parker Braun, Senior Guard, #73

Zach Shackelford, Senior Center, #56

Gerald Wilbon, Senior Defensive Tackle, #94

Malcolm Roach, Senior Defensive Tackle, #32

Jeffrey McCulloch, Senior Linebacker, #23

Brandon Jones, Senior Safety, #19

Again, this is Texas’s offense against LSU’s defense. This will likely be the biggest test for Sam Ehlinger, Collin Johnson, Parker Braun, and Zach Shackelford, so they will want to find success early and often. Malcolm Roach and Brandon Jones hope to get drafted in the later rounds, and an SEC opponent like LSU could provide some unique challenges for a team used to Big 12 competition.

University of California - Berkeley at University of Washington (14), 10:30 PM, FS1


Kekoa Crawford, Junior Wide Receiver, #11

Luc Bequette, Senior Defensive Tackle, #93

Zeandae Johnson, Senior Defensive Tackle, #44

Tevin Paul, Junior Defensive End, #96

Kuony Deng, Junior Linebacker, #8

Evan Weaver, Senior Linebacker, #89

Traveon Beck, Senior Cornerback, #22

Camryn Bynum, Junior Cornerback, #24

Ashtyn Davis, Senior Safety, #27

Jaylinn Hawkins, Senior Safety, #6

As evidenced by the impact player list, Cal sports one of, if not the, best defenses in the Pac-12. Led by safeties Davis and Hawkins, Cal was a turnover machine in 2018 and hope to continue that playmaking in 2019. Paul and Weaver are also decent prospects in their own right.


Jacob Eason, Junior Quarterback, #10

Salvon Ahmed, Junior Quarterback, #26

Aaron Fuller, Senior Wide Receiver, #2

Andre Baccellia, Senior Wide Receiver, #5

Quinten Pounds, Senior Wide Receiver, #21

Hunter Bryant, Junior Tight End, #1

Cade Otton, Redshirt Sophomore Tight End, #21

Trey Adams, Senior Tackle, #72

Henry Roberts, Senior Guard, #59

Henry Bainivalu, Redshirt Sophomore Guard, #66

Nick Harris, Senior Center, #56

Levi Onwuzurike, Junior Defensive Tackle, #95

Josiah Bronson, Senior Defensive Tackle, #90

Benning Potoa'e, Senior Defensive End, #8

Ryan Bowman, Junior Linebacker, #55

Myles Bryant, Senior Cornerback, #5

Elijah Molden, Junior Cornerback, #3

Keith Taylor, Junior Cornerback, #27

Brandon McKinney, Junior Safety, #23

Going against what was true in the past, Washington is more of an offensive team than defensive team this season. Transfer quarterback Jacob Eason hopes to hit his stride in the Washington offense, with weapons like Ahmed and Otton helping him do so. Trey Adams can be OT1 or OT2 if he can stay healthy this year, and Nick Harris has been a steady presence on the interior for the Huskies. On defense, Onwuzurike has an NFL athletic profile, but needs to find his best position. Washington generally has a strong secondary, but many of their starters from last year went pro. It’s unknown whether the new guys can live up to the name on the jersey, but the opportunity is there.

Stanford University (23) at University of Southern California, 10:30 PM, ESPN


K.J. Costello, Junior Quarterback, #3

Cameron Scarlett, Senior Running Back, #22

Colby Parkinson, Junior Tight End, #84

Walker Little, Junior Tackle, #72

Devery Hamilton, Junior Tackle, #74

Michael Williams, Junior Defensive Tackle, #57

Jovan Swann, Senior Defensive Tackle, #51

Gabe Reid, Redshirt Sophomore Linebacker, #90

Casey Toohill, Senior Linebacker, #52

Jordan Fox, Junior Linebacker, #10

Paulson Adebo, Redshirt Sophomore Cornerback, #11

Obi Eboh, Junior Cornerback, #22

K.J. Costello and Walker Little are decent prospects, but Stanford is all about their two elite talents. The first is TE1 Colby Parkinson. The second is a challenger for CB1 in Paulson Adebo. Both are as close to guaranteed first round picks as you can get at this point in the process.


Vavae Malepeai, Junior Running Back, #29

Stephen Carr, Junior Running Back, #7

Michael Pittman, Senior Wide Receiver, #6

Velus Jones Jr., Junior Wide Receiver, #1

Tyler Vaughns, Junior Wide Receiver, #21

Josh Falo, Junior Tight End, #83

Drew Richmond, Senior Tackle, #53

Austin Jackson, Junior Tackle, #73

Marlon Tuipulotu, Redshirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle, #51

Jay Tufele, Redhsirt Sophomore Defensive Tackle, #78

Brandon Pili, Junior Defensive Tackle, #91

Christian Rector, Senior Defensive End, #89

Jordan Iosefa, Senior Linebacker, #56

John Houston Jr., Senior Linebacker, #10

Dominic Davis, Senior Cornerback, #16