• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 34: “Papa-isms” We Hope to Hear This Season

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The San Francisco 49ers begin the 2019 season with a brand-new optimism for the upcoming year. After two years of head coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch working together, things finally look to be falling into place. But there a big change happening within the organization outside of the football operations. And that change is Bay Area broadcasting veteran Greg Papa assuming the role of play-by-play announcer for the 49ers. In his first year as the voice of the team, the 49er Faithful expect many things out of him. But what are some specific things the fans hope they will hear from him this season? With a play-by-play guy one can only hope for some memorable catchphrases. So, what will these “Papa-isms” we hear throughout the season be?


Fans will remember how Papa emphasized every touchdown he called for the Oakland Raiders. And there will absolutely be a desire for him to recreate that emphatic nature with the 49ers. Whenever a touchdown is scored by the team, we fully expect there to be a “TOUCHDOWN NINERRRSSSSS” shouted from the booth. And every “R” needs to be rolled to the fullest of Papa’s abilities.

“Nothing Finer Than a 49er”

A touchdown call from Papa will be absolutely brilliant, but there also needs to be some team-specific flair that comes out of his mouth. Whenever the 49ers come up with a big play, either a long pass or a run, Papa needs to belt out “Nothing Finer Than a 49er!” It will pump up the crowds watching at home and all across the globe!

“Give me that Gold”

Another great team-specific saying that Papa can exclaim is after the 49ers earn a takeaway. He can yell out “Give me that Gold.” Last year this saying would’ve been highly underutilized. However, with the considerable upgrades on defense this year, expect the team to be causing MANY more turnovers. And Papa will have the opportunity to really get it with this saying.

“Papa Likes”

When Jimmy G calls an excellent audible at the line of scrimmage and picks up solid yards on the ensuing play, there is a call for that too. When said scenario occurs, Papa can give the fans at home a “Papa Likes!” I mean why wouldn’t he use his own moniker, which is actually just his last name. It’s perfect and it fits the entertaining vibe that these 49ers broadcasts need.

While Papa may not use any of the aforementioned sayings (we all really hope he does though), the hope is that he brings a high level of enthusiasm into the booth at Levi’s. But along with that enthusiasm, there is nothing wrong with bringing a little bit of flair to one’s play-by-play duties. Not everyone can be as quotable as the great John Madden. But one can only hope that Papa brings some solid “Papa-isms” to the booth for the 49ers’ 2019 season!

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