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Victory in a Land Called Fantasy: Fantasy Players to Know and Watch for 49ers Week One

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It’s that time of year again. Leaves are about to start turning color. The air is getting cooler and crisp. It’s finally here, chili season is upon us. I am so looking forward to big pot of chili and you know what goes great with a pot of chili, some football. The Packers and Bears will open up the season this Thursday and as much fun as that will be, most of us are here for the 49ers.

Almost fall…check



Ah yes, fantasy football, that’s next on the list. What should you do about fantasy football? Let’s discuss the 49ers. Did you draft Jimmy Garoppolo? He was a 14th round pick according to Fantasy Football Calculator, so chances are you’re a 49ers fan or maybe you are in a two-quarterback league, other than that he is probably still available on waivers. But if you did draft him then Week 1 could be a good start for the handsome one. Last season, Tampa Bay was 28th against the quarterback giving up an average of 25 points a game. If you drafted him, play him, I think he will be good this week and next at least.

There have been so many stories this offseason about how Dante Pettis. Does he still love football? Is he going to even make the team? Yeah that last one was stupid, but was he going to be a starter? Okay, that one had a possibility of not happening. But reports are Pettis is going to start and I like him against the Bucs in Week 1. Tampa Bay was a bottom-seven team against the wide receivers last season and the 49ers need to get off to a hot start if they are going to shut their critics up. Goodwin seems to be a go and could be a nice flex play. If you drafted Deebo Samuel then you should wait and see how he is utilized before throwing him out there, unless you are in a deep 16- or 18-team league.

Remember how head coach Kyle Shanahan used the running backs last season? Remember how Shanahan used the running backs in Atlanta when he the offensive coordinator? Remember some of the runs the 49ers’ running backs had in preseason? See where I am going with this? If you drafted Tevin Coleman or Matt Breida, then play either one of them. In fact, I think I have both in my lineups, in different leagues, but I’m playing them both. Shanahan know how to get the most from his running backs and I expect Breida to have a bounce-back year with fewer injuries from not having to do it all. I think Shanahan will create enough to go around for both Breida and Coleman.

If you have George Kittle on your fantasy team, either you play in a dynasty league or you paid a premium for him. Whatever your situation is, you should play Kittle if he is on your roster. Nothing has changed for me from last season. Every week I said Kittle was plug-and-play. Now a word of caution: I do not expect Kittle to have another 1,300-yard season; in fact, Gronk only did it once. But I am expecting the 49ers to have a better offense and I expect his touchdowns to go up in year three.

A dark horse starter for me in Week 1 is the 49ers defense. Jameis Winston has averaged an interception a game since joining the NFL. Yes, it was preseason, but the Browns’ defensive line feasted on the Bucs offensive line a couple weeks ago. Nick Bosa seems to be on track to have a role in Sunday’s game. Dee Ford has also returned to practice. On paper this looks like the best defensive line the 49ers have had in quite awhile and on paper is arguable one of the best defensive lines in the NFL.


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