• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 30: Ambitions as a Niner

Image Credit: Stan Szeto


Earlier this week the San Francisco 49ers put out a poll on Twitter. This poll was to determine a new in-game chant that fans could partake in. There was a player-name chant along with a variety of call and response chants. While this is a great start to building some in-game fan traditions, something seemed to be missing. None of the choices on the poll hit on the team’s Bay Area roots. The 49ers were born in the Bay Area and never left. And in one more season, they will be the sole team representing the Bay. The chants need to embody those roots, so here are some that really hit that target.

“85 ON IT”

49ers tight end George Kittle was one of the best players not just at his position, but in the whole league last year. In a season full of struggles, number 85 absolutely shined and set a single-season record for yards receiving by a tight end. His 2018 season accolades earned him the number 29 spot on the NFL Top 100 Players for the 2019 season, as voted on by the players themselves. Expect even more from him this season. And because of that, every time Kittle catches a pass this season, a designated chant from the crowd should come into effect.

The 1995 track “I Got 5 On It” by the Oakland rap duo Luniz is synonymous with the Bay Area and is a timeless classic. Immediately after every Kittle reception why not use the iconic “ba-dum-dum” instrumental from the song while the fans in the stadium chant “EIGHTY FIIIIIVE ON IT.” The jumbotron can even prompt fans to the chant with the words on its screen. Honor an amazing player and an amazing song all at the same time!

“Ambitions as a Niner”

The late Tupac Amaru Shakur was a rap star in life and an icon after death. A more obscure fact about him is that he lived for a time in Marin City, California, and attended Tamalpais High School. And many Bay Area natives are quick to claim him as one of their own. He has a song titled “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” which could very easily be turned into a 49ers chant. At various times during a game the Pac lyrics could blare out through the PA system:

“Catch you payin' attention to my ambitions as a…”

Then the music stops, and the crowd responds “NINER.” Nothing profane or vulgar, just some good old word-play for all the fans, with lyrics inspired by one of the Bay Area’s sons!


And with that there are two great options for some fan chants! They connect popular songs with Bay Area pedigree to the 49ers. They aren’t too long or complicated and provide a quick burst of energy for fans. So, to the front office of the 49ers: let’s make it happen for the fans!


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