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Should we Be Worried about the 49ers Offense Early Struggles at Training Camp?

July 31, 2019

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Oh, thank the Lord the time is finally here. Training camp officially kicked off last weekend, which means the NFL season is only a matter of weeks away, and we are already starting to get news. The first bit of news was good news to say the least: Jimmy Garoppolo was clear and ready for action following his ACL injury from last season. The other bit of news we received over the weekend was Jerick McKinnon was added to the PUP list due to a flare-up in his surgically repaired knee, but he could be coming off the PUP list towards the end of the week.


We also heard that Jimmy Garoppolo and linebacker Kwon Alexander will not be suiting up for the first preseason game. Which is fine; let’s take things slow. Garoppolo does not seem to be favoring his knee at all which is a very good sign. The last bit of news we heard over the weekend was how inconstant the offense looked and how they seem to struggle.


Other than OTAs, which let’s be honest doesn’t really count, Garoppolo hasn’t practiced since before the Chiefs game in Week 3 of last season. He is going to be rusty, and in turn the offense is going to struggle. When one piece of the offense is out of balance it throws the whole offense out of whack. I would have been floored if Garoppolo had come out and was 10-for-11 with three touchdowns during practice. He was not that precise and I am not that surprised by it. It’s okay, this is why theypractice.


We need to give Garoppolo and the offense a little bit of time. I believe in Kyle Shanahan and his ability to run an offense. He and Garoppolo will get things ironed out, so now is not the time to be worried. Should the offense come out in Week 1 and Week 2 looking completely flat then there may be a cause for some concern, but not during the first weekend of training camp. And who knows, maybe it’s not the fact the offense is struggling, maybe the 49ers’ defense has finally turned a corner and is a lot better now. Joe Staley, who does not suck at blocking, said he was beat by Nick Bosa on three different occasions. And his hip movement makes it really hard to block. Bosa’s hips don’t lie.

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