Fight for Glory: Which 49ers Roster Spot Depends on Their Training Camp Performance?

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As late July approaches the excitement among NFL fans starts to bubble up. Training camp is right around the corner, and then you have the Hall of Fame game, preseason, and then the new season starts. But before teams can start their Week 1 action they have to trim some fat. NFL teams start with a 90-man roster but must cut it down to 53 by the end of preseason.

If you have ever watched Hard Knocks, you get to witness some of the cuts NFL teams have to make. Players get a call from team personnel and are told to meet with the head coach, oh and bring your playbook with you. Players know when they get that call their time with the team is at an end. The 49ers will have to make cuts just like the other 31 teams in the NFL and I have few players in mind that may be seeking employment in about six weeks.

With Jimmy Garoppolo on track to be the starter in Week 1, one of the backup quarterbacks will need to say goodbye. The 49ers didn’t keep three on the roster last season and I don’t expect that to change in 2019.

We the People do solemnly swear we have seen everything there is to see with C.J. Beathard and would rather not see him under center again. Once Nick Mullens took over the 49ers’ brass did not return the starting job back over to Beathard even though he was healthy enough to play again. I think they saw all they need to see of Beathard and I think Beathard is the odd man out. If nothing else, the pure fact that he was the starter during both Cardinals games last season and couldn’t get the W is enough to say goodbye.

In 2016, then-general manager Trent Baalke traded back into the first round and selected Stanford guard Joshua Garnett. Now here we are in the last year of Garnett’s contract and he has not lived up to his draft status. There were a couple times last season where we saw flashes of a “maybe” but his inability to stay healthy of the course of most his career has left fans with a blah feeling about Garnett. Regardless of what happens he will be a free agent in 2020, but I think he could become a free agent before then.

We all love some Celek time. But with the emergence of George Kittle, the fact the 49ers drafted a tight end, and since Garrett Celek hasn’t produced much in the past couple years, all that could mean his time is at an end for the 49ers.

On March 9, 2017 the 49ers landed a big fish in free agency when they signed Malcolm Smith to a five-year, $26.50 million contract, including $11.5 million in guaranteed money. Turns out, that big fish wasn’t a fish, but a goldfish cracker that hasn’t lived up to anything: He can’t stay healthy, and can’t produce on the field. The 49ers and Smith restructured his contract, voiding the last two years which would make him a free agent next season. But just like Garnett he may become a free agent before then.

My final candidate is a go out on limb for getting cut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. The 49ers have already cut Pierre Garçon and then added three new wide receivers in the offseason when they signed Jordan Matthews and drafted Deebo Samuel and Jalen Hurd. Just for the record I am not saying Matthews is a definite to make the team, but what if the 49ers cut……….Marquise Goodwin? (*Boom*.)

Goodwin dealt with a string of injuries and some personal issues last season that kept him away from the team for most of the 2018 season. The 49ers have restocked and reloaded the wide receivers corps. I’ve already stated my case for Dante Pettis being the new number one wide receiver for the 49ers. I am not saying this will definitely happen, but I won’t be surprised if it does and neither should you.

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