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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 27: 40 Yards of Fallout

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It’s been almost two weeks since the 40 Yards of Gold event took place. And to no one’s surprise the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver, former Olympian, and absolute speedster Marquise Goodwin won the event. In addition to the bragging rights he also took home a one-million-dollar check in prize money. However, things weren’t all sand castles and margaritas with this event. There were many underlying issues that surrounded the event. Let’s recap what exactly went down.


The first issue surrounding the event was that Ted “I’ll bet $10,000 I’m the fastest” Ginn Jr. didn’t show up. He was the inspiration for the event. Everyone thought that he would participate for sure. But he was a no-show. After all the talk and all the hype, he wasn’t even present. Since he was one of the older proposed competitors, he wasn’t actually a favorite in most people’s minds. But come on, if you offer ten thousand dollars to anyone who can beat you in a race you better actually show up. Luckily Denver Broncos running back Khalfani Muhammad was standing by and jumped in to take’s spot. In addition to Ginn, Washington Redskins cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was absent from the event after being slated to run.

Payment Issues

As if two key players being absentees was not bad enough. There was another issue which is objectively worse. As of this week, various sources say the participants of the event still have not gotten paid. Now that’s pretty bad as it’s already close to two weeks past the event. This event is looking on the surface as a mini AAF: Its conclusion leaves more questions than answers. What kind of compensation was each of the competitors offered? Did the event take more to put on than it generated in revenue? And finally, if it’s taking this long for general pay-outs, will Goodwin ever be able to cash that million-dollar check? These are questions that are still pending and will only be answered with time.

Future of the Event

The inaugural 40 Yards of Gold event didn’t quite turn out the way everyone expected. Key people were missing, and payments still haven’t been doled out yet. So, it’s not likely there will there be a second annual return to the event. Other than the issues that were presented, there were other concerns that kept speedy players out of it. The main reason is the potential for injury. But all in all, the event served a purpose. And it was to prove the fact that Marquise Goodwin is the fastest man in the NFL, no ifs, ands, or buts!


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