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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 26: Exums and Os

Image Credit: 49ers

Last week TMZ Sports caught up with San Francisco 49ers safety Antone Exum and they got to talking. Exum, whose amazing neon orange hair was in full display, covered topics ranging from politics to his music career in that conversation. He disclosed some interesting information during that chat, so let’s summarize the talking points.

Music Career in the Offseason

Exum (which actually is his stage name) is a musician as well in the offseason. He released two singles within the last month, “Pitch Black” and “Verdant Valentine.” And he has another highly anticipated track in the works, which actually draws inspiration from a former 49er. And that particular individual happens to be Colin Kaepernick. The song is titled “Officer Kaepernick” and highlights issues of police brutality and injustices that are occurring. Exum states that if Kaepernick’s “movement had a score; it would be this song.” He was quick to point out that there are great cops out there as well. But that fear and hate seem to be involved with the negative situations that occur. However, he wants us to move forward with love. Some powerful stuff right there!

Relationship with Nick Bosa

“Man, I love Nick Bosa. He just got me to stop eating eggs the other day.” That was the first comment Exum made when asked about the first-round draft pick of the 49ers. Whether he’s going full vegan is unclear. But we do know that Exum now “only eat(s) cage-free unfertilized eggs.” And we also know that he has a good relationship with Bosa. When pressed about their difference in views Exum remarked, “people have different political views… he still is a good-hearted guy.” Again, it’s great to see that Exum can be passionate about his own views but still respect those around him that may disagree with them. And in his words, “you [can] still approach it with love.”

Meeting with Trump?

While Exum did not attend the G20 Summit with the world leaders this past weekend, he would be open for a dialogue with the POTUS one day. “I’ll sit down with Trump. I’ll sit down with Trump if that’s what it takes,” was his response to a hypothetical sit-down with President Donald Trump to speak about police brutality. Exum seems to be open minded and through his words he seems to be hopeful for positive change. And he wants people to move forward “with love, equality, [and] peace.”

Exum Marks the Spot

Through the TMZ interview, fans were able to get a bit more insight into Antone Exum outside of football. He was articulate, thoughtful, and insightful throughout the interview. And he indirectly showed some great leadership qualities in the way he presented himself. It’s great to hear about his goals and aspirations outside football. But more than anything the 49er Faithful wish him luck on the football field, and hope to see some big things from him next season at the safety spot!

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