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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 24: Serious Skill Positions

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This past Monday, John Ourand of Sports Business Journal confirmed that San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin would be a participant in the “40 Yards of Gold” event. The event is basically a tournament style 40-yard dash competition amongst 16 NFL players. There will be 15 single-elimination races to determine the fastest. Goodwin, an Olympian, is known in the NFL for his speed. And for him to compete in an event like this is almost too logical. But what are some other events outside football that certain players on the 49ers roster could take part in and excel at? Well here are my picks for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!


Left tackle David Bakhtiari of the Green Bay Packers is the king of beer chugging… for now. His skills were on full display on the Jumbotron this spring during a Milwaukee Bucks playoff game. However, his competition was Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers who faltered greatly when it was his turn on the big screen. But not all heroes wear capes or get displayed doing their thing on the big screen.

49ers tight end George Kittle was seen back in March in Chicago during the Big 10 Tournament. He was there to support his alma mater Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team. And while there he was caught on camera doing work on a full beer. He absolutely destroyed his comrades that were chugging with him. It was just Kittle having fun and enjoying himself. So, if he has that kind of performance while just clowning around, imagine what he could do if he were in an actual competition. If there happened to be a beer chug-off amongst pro-athletes, Kittle would give all of them a run for their money. David Bakhtiari, David Robinson, Robinson Canó… IT DON’T MATTER KITTLE TAKING THIS COMPETITION!!

Trivia Competition

If all the chips were on the line for a trivia showdown and a single member of the 49ers roster was needed, the nomination goes to cornerback Richard Sherman. He is of course a Stanford University graduate, which in itself shows off his intellectual prowess. But that is not even the reason he would be highly touted for trivia. Sherman’s fandom of things like the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon puts him in an elite class. He would be the go-to for the various “nerd-esque” questions that will most definitely come up.

Sherman is also an ambassador for FleetWit, a trivia gaming platform that actually pays out cash prizes to the top performers. He himself was a fan of the app and supposedly won $7,000 from it. And with topics ranging from movies to sports and music, Sherman’s trivia range can safely be attested to. So, if there is one 49er needed to match up against Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer, it has got to be number 25!


A dance-off is a competition that many players on the 49ers would be capable of competing in. As fans, we see endzone dancing all the time by wide receivers, running backs, and tight ends when they cross the goal line. But there is a dark horse pick that may surprise everyone. And that pick is left tackle Joe Staley! The 49er Faithful have yet to see Staley get into the endzone out of a carefully crafted goal line jumbo package (please Kyle make that happen this season), but his dancing has been on display in the past.

In a 2017 Pepsi commercial, Staley was seen twirling on the ground and then performing the worm in the end zone while Rob Corddry spoke. It was actually quite amazing to see a big guy move like that. And at the recent State of the Franchise event in which Staley signed a two-year contract extension, he came out doing the funky chicken dance in his introduction. That dance was made popular by former 49ers safety Merton Hanks and is easily recognizable to Faithful of a certain age. Staley’s arsenal of dance moves leaves a lot to be pondered. What other trendy moves is he hiding from us? Is there possibly a “moonwalk” or a “running man” he has stashed away? We may never find out, unless he is part of a dance-off or he sees the end zone. I am hoping for the latter but would not be disappointed with the former.

40 Yards and Counting

The 40 Yards of Gold event will take place on June 29 at the BB&T Center in Sunrise, Florida. Fans who want to watch the event can do so by ordering it on pay-per-view for $39.95. Other NFL players confirmed to compete in the event so far are Alvin Kamara, Robby Anderson, Trae Waynes, Donte Jackson, Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and former 49er Ted Ginn Jr. But when asked who his biggest competition would be in the race, Goodwin simply responded with “Myself as usual.” He clarified that he was not being cocky, but just trying to push himself as he does on the football field. We applaud you for that Marquise and wish you the best of luck in your upcoming competition!

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