The Armchair Quarterback Volume 22: OTA and Chill

May 31, 2019

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By now most of the 49er Faithful have heard of the plethora of injuries that have plagued the team from the beginning of OTAs. Edge rusher Nick Bosa suffered a Grade 1 hamstring strain. Running back Matt Breida has a slight tear in his pectoral muscle. And defensive back Jimmie Ward suffered a shoulder injury resulting in a fractured collarbone. IT’S TIME TO PANIC AND RING ALL THE ALARMS NOW, RIGHT??


Now all facetiousness aside I implore any 49er Faithful that is having or thinking about having a panic attack to take a second and CHILL. This scenario may look bad without context, but it really isn’t the nightmare that many are making it out to be. The main take-home point from all of this is that these injuries have occurred in the month of May. There is close to two months remaining before training camp begins. Bosa and Breida may even be ready to go for training camp. Ward on the other hand has a slightly more severe injury. But even he has a shot at being healthy and ready to go for the tail-end of the preseason or first week of the regular season, barring any setbacks. 


“But, Armchair Quarterback what about the Niners not addressing the safety position in the draft or in free agency,” you might ask. That was definitely a concern with Ward going down as he was slated to be competing during training camp for reps at free safety. The 49ers though still have some options should they choose to add depth to the position. As many 49er pundits have pointed out, Tre Boston and Eric Berry are both still free agents. Adding either one of them would provide depth to the safety position of the team. And let’s not forget Adrian “The Punisher” Colbert is coming back from an ankle injury that took more than half the 2018 season from him. He showed flashes of excellence during his rookie campaign in 2017. And if he gets back to that level and then shows growth during training camp, he may actually be the front runner for the starting free safety job.


While people are probably having flashbacks to the  2018 season that was lost due to  injuries, this scenario is far from that. The players that were out for most of 2018 are rehabbing well and slowly coming back to full form. And the players mentioned above that suffered more recent injuries should be getting healthy when it starts getting down to crunch time. As 49er Faithful we need to exemplify the second part of that title and have some faith in the new strength and conditioning programs that are being implemented for the team. And to paraphrase from “the one who got away but it’s irrelevant because we found someone better,” R-E-L-A-X!

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