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Fantasy Football Implications for the 49ers Draft

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It’s never too late to talk fantasy football, especially if you play in a dynasty league and you have an up and coming rookie draft.Outside George Kittle, the 49ers didn’t really give you many options from a fantasy standpoint last season. The running backs did well when they played but the constant rotation made it difficult trusting them in your lineup.

After Jimmy Garoppolo went down with his ACL tear, C.J. Beathard was never really an inspiring option at the quarterback position. Nick Mullens had a few games, but did you ever put him in your lineup or even pick him up off waivers?

The inconsistency at quarterback and injuries to the wide receiver corps never left you without much hope of having them in your lineup. Marquise Goodwin went out during Week 1 and dealt with personal issues and took a leave of absence for a while. Dante Pettis looked good towards the end of the season, but again, did you pick him up or ever start him?

The 2019 NFL draft has come and gone and the Red and Gold added a few interesting pieces to the team. Are any of them going to fantasy-relevant? Are they going to hamper anyone else’s production? Maybe and yes, the end.

Okay, maybe a little insight might help. First, the addition of Nick Bosa should help the defense with more sacks and hopefully more turnovers. But let’s make sure you leave the defense for your last round. Deebo Samuel is very interesting to me and the high second-round draft pick is a lot of draft capital to let someone sit the bench.

Dante Pettis is, in my opinion, the number-one wide receiver. Marquise Goodwin is still the deep threat but has had issues staying on the field the over the past few seasons. Samuel is primed to be the 49ers number-two receiver or maybe even usurp Pettis as the number-one. If Garoppolo stays healthy I could buy into the 49ers number one or number two wide receiver. The third round introduced the Faithful to Jalen Hurd. Maybe in a year or two he could be something, but I wouldn’t count on him this season.

We’ll need to wait until training camp and preseason to see how the running backs shake out,but as for now I am seeing Jerick McKinnon as the 1A and Tevin Coleman as the 1B. George Kittle is not going to repeat his yardage from last season, after all he set the record for most yards from the tight end position. It’s very possible he may lose targets as well but if the offense is a little more proficient he may still receive over 100 targets. I can see his touchdowns increase and that could help counter the lack of yardage he will get.

Just like last season, there is some hype around the 49ers, but I don’t think the hype is quite as high as it was entering 2018. This may be better for the team all around with less stress going into 2019. But if they take a few steps forward then I will be more than happy to have a couple 49ers on my fantasy roster this season.


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