• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 18: The Selection of Young Warriors

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Winter hath come and gone. Spring hath finally arrived. And the day is bright and full of promise. That is how the story begins for the 49th Regiment. The annual Selection of the Young Warriors for the year of our lord, two thousand and nineteen has come fast upon the 32 military units of the 50 kingdoms.

It is rumored that many a raven arrived at the military fortress of the 49th Regiment nestled in the Valley of Saint Claire. Commander John Lynch and Maester Paraag Marathe have been busy at work reading all the messages brought by the ravens. Strategic offers from other military leaders were offered up for the number two overall pick in the Selection of Young Warriors. But Commander Lynch and Maester Marathe have kept low profiles and made sure no wandering ears around the castle heard their secret plans and spread the news.

There is one warrior that has been linked most to the 49th Regiment’s early selection plans. He is Nicholas of House Bosa who completed his training at the Buckeye War Academy. He is known for his defensive prowess. And he has the capability to stop an offensive attack with his edge rushing skills. Bosa whose house sigil is the bear, certainly possesses bearlike strength. His brother Ser Joseph is a veteran warrior who is a disciple of the Lord of Lightning in the Angel Kingdom. If young Nicholas is anything like his elder brother, he will be an absolute force to be reckoned with.

Another warrior whose name has been mentioned alongside the 49th Regiment is Quinnen of House Williams. His training was recently completed at the Roll Tide War Academy. Young Quinnen also possesses great defensive abilities. He is adept at breaking through an offense’s front line of protection from the interior.

Outside of defensive fighters, a glaring need for the 49th Regiment is a swift flanker to add an offensive aerial threat to their battle plans. Many combatants could fill that need for them. Among the names that have been addressed are Tyshun of House Samuel, a graduate of the Gamecock War Conservatory. He was fondly nicknamed Deebo by his father. Deebo is the universal nickname for a bully in the 50 kingdoms. And he certainly bullies opposing combatants in his warpath. Another potential flanker is Riley of House Ridley. His training at the Bulldog Battle Academy has shown him to be an invaluable asset to any army that would take him.

But alas, some disappointing news was announced to the 49th Regiment and the Kingdom of Saint Francis a mere two days prior to the Selection of Young Warriors. Ser Robert of House Gould, a battle tested offensive weapon voiced his displeasure with remaining in the Kingdom of Saint Francis. Was he unhappy all along? Is his heart somewhere yonder? The rumor was that his heart and soul are still with his former army, The Monsters of the Midway Kingdom. Commander Lynch and Maester Marathe will look to fill his place with another worthy warrior whether by selection of youth or by acquiring an old foot.

What deals will be made? Which kingdoms will falter with their selections? Which kingdoms will enhance their military capabilities? Only the Lord of Light can predict the results of the Selection of the Young Warriors. But whatever should happen, may the old gods and the new, smile favorably upon the 49th Regiment!


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