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NFL Prospects Worth Trading Back Into the First Round For

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To trade back, or not to trade back?

That is the question, should Nick Bosa go number one or even if the 49ers are floored with a great offer at number two. Who might be worth trading back for while still acquiring more picks? We need to remember that the 49ers only have five picks in this draft so trading back might be necessary to acquire more draft capital.

Josh Allen

I have been in the camp of “draft Nick Bosa, and if he’s not available at two, then draft Josh Allen.” But there is a possibility, depending on how far back the 49ers move, that they can still trade back and draft Josh Allen. Allen has great speed and can bend on the outside, but he has the moves to make an inside rush as well. He’s great against the run, he can rush the quarterback and drop back into coverage if needed.

Ed Oliver

Not another defensive tackle. I have been of the belief that an edge rusher is the only option with the 49ers’ first-round pick. But after the trade for Dee Ford and the depth defense has in this draft 49ers may not have to take an edge rusher in the first round. This would also depend on your feelings about Solomon Thomas. I personally believe Thomas still has the ability to succeed, especially if they leave him to rush from the inside. But there are some fans who ready to move on and that if the Niners could trade Thomas and trade back to draft Oliver, this might be the perfect move.

Ed Oliver is better against the pass than he is against the run, but he is explosive off the ball. Lined up next to DeForest Buckner, they could become a defensive duo that drives opposing offensive coordinators insane. He needs to polish some of his work but trading back and being able to draft Oliver might be a great move.

Noah Fant

Now I have said the 49ers need to take a wide receiver at 36. Kyle Shanahan doesn’t run the 12 personnel formation (one running back and two tight ends) enough to warrant using the high draft capital on a tight end, especially when they have George Kittle. But I was asked that question because Shanahan has never had two amazing tight ends. Now I do not believe Fant will be available at 36; I think he goes in the first round. And I do not believe the 49ers will trade down far enough where they are not reaching for Fant. But what if the 49ers trade back in the first round and then package some draft capital to trade back into the first round to take Fant.

Now Shanahan has two of Iowa’s best tight ends running routes down the field and creating mismatches all day long. We saw what Shanahan was able to do with Kittle last season, now double that with Fant. I am warming more and more up to the idea of taking a tight end early because I believe in Shanahan. He and John Lynch are working together to build this team and if Shanahan wants Fant, give him Fant.

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