• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 13: The Recruitment of Nationless Warriors

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On the 11th day of March in the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen, a new season began. Not a mere terrestrial season, but rather the season of recruitment for nationless warriors looking for a new army to do battle with!

Commander John Lynch and Maester Paraag Marathe were dutifully bound to find the best and brightest warriors to do battle with the 49th Regiment. Many heroes’ names were thrown about as possibly joining the 49th Regiment. But they all proved to be nothing more than rumblings in the wind. Commander Lynch and Maester Marathe had other plans!

The first major recruitment victory came in the acquisition of Kwon of House Alexander. Young Kwon was a former member of the Cutthroats from the Sticks of Fire Bay. He had an amazing battle campaign a mere two seasons ago. During that time, he brought down the most invading enemies of any other solider in the 50 Kingdoms. But this past season his time on the battle field was cut short due to an injury. Kwon will look to return to his full form as battle season draws near. He will back the line next to Frederick of House Warner another young warrior with a very promising future. Together they hope to be a duo of power and strength, reminiscent of the legendary duo of Ser NaVorro of House Bowman and Ser Patrick of House Willis!

The second major recruitment victory for the 49th Regiment was in acquiring Dee of House Ford through negotiations with the Tribe of the Kansas Citadel. Commander Lynch and Maester Marathe promised to send a future soldier from next year’s graduating class of pages to the Tribe in exchange. Dee comes as a highly regarded defensive stalwart. In battles this past season he recorded a very impressive 13 sacks of enemy villages. Playing off the edge of the defensive front, he brings just the skill set the 49th Regiment so badly yearns for.

And lastly, a third acquisition to date was that of Tevin of House Coleman. He of course fought under Commander Shanahan back in the Atlantean Kingdom. Shanahan was not yet a military leader then, but a strategic advisor to Commander Quinn. Tevin brings a steady rushing attack to the 49th Regiment. In a unit which has sustained many battle injuries, he brings great durability as well. He joins Matthew of House Breida and Jerick of House McKinnon in what will be a trident like attack to their enemies.

The 49th Regiment’s success this upcoming battle season looks to depend on a number of factors. Most of which will be the sustained health of all the soldiers. A great effort in selection of young warriors in the upcoming month will play a part in it as well. But no mortal can doubt that these military acquisitions made by Commander Lynch and Maester Marathe will have a tremendous effect on the battle field. May the old Gods and the new Gods shine their bright light on this group and return the Kingdom of Saint Francis to glory!

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