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Former dark lord Trent Baalke certainly had an odd obsession with torn knee ligaments. New general manager John Lynch is not following in Baalke's footsteps, but it does feel like he’s found Baalke’s secret stash of dried ACL and MCL ligaments in the back pantry.

In Lynch's first year as general manager, he did sign quarterback Brian Hoyer who broke his arm in Week 7 of the 2016 season. Hoyer wasn't playing terrible football when he got hurt, and he did throw for 397 yards in a Week 5 loss to Indianapolis. I have to assume Hoyer was someone head coach Kyle Shanahan could plug in at the position to ring out some success.

Last season, the 49ers signed cornerback Richard Sherman, center Weston Richburg, and guard Jonathan Cooper. All three men were coming off of an injury. Sherman had ruptured his Achilles tendon, Richburg was on injured reserve due to a concussion and Cooper sprained his MCL in Week 17.

Both Sherman and Richburg made the roster, but Cooper ended up getting released on September 1, 2018.

It’s been reported the 49ers will sign inside linebacker Kwon Alexander to a four-year deal with $54 million. Alexander is coming off an ACL tear.

My concern with Alexander is less the injury and more if his on-the-field performance justifies a $13.5 million average salary.

This is an incredibly broad question. First, there are three different Ed’s to consider:

1. Shy-Quiet-Reserved Eddie (circa 1990)

2. Ten-Got-Really-Huge Eddie (circa 1992-1997)

3. I-Think-I-Am-Okay-With-This Eddie (2000-present)

I have seen Pearl Jam live ten times, and each show is its own religious experience. Some fans go for Stone, others go for Mike, and everyone loves to see Jeff jump off his amps like he did when we were disgruntled teens.

But nobody is kidding themselves: We all go for Ed.

The man can play any instrument, he can make you laugh, cry and even sing the song lyrics when he forgets them. The crowd hangs on Ed’s every word as if we are sitting on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Ed’s a quarterback.

As a side note, I once drank from Ed’s wine bottle. Part of him lives forever inside me.

This question floated around in my head most of the afternoon. At first, I thought, “Zero.”

Then, after staring up at a blue sky, I thought, “Well, the 49ers could send over a pot of goods and see what happens.”

Trading away current and future talent to fix one need seems like a stretch Lynch isn't willing to take. I'd imagine the 49ers will not be in the running for OBJ this week.

People should not compare Superman and Batman. One man is not greater than the other; these two men are perfect complements of one another.

Superman patrols the bright, ultra-modern city of Metropolis. Batman swings from the gargoyles topping Gotham's cold, decaying buildings.

Indeed, Bruce had to lose everything to become Batman. He built his powers from nothing, but funding from Wayne Enterprises is an excellent way to back his vigilante hobby.

Clark’s biology is what makes him different. Otherwise, he’s a guy who likes baseball, has won the Pulitzer Prize and wrote two books.

A chunk of kryptonite lies dormant deep in a Batcave vault. Clark gave the poisonous rock to Bruce because his trust in Bruce runs deep.

The dopes at Warner Brothers continue to force scriptwriters to show a dark Superman and put two of the greatest superheroes at odds.

I now know what it feels like to get flowers and chocolates for no reason, other than someone really loves me.

Give me the best offensive line in the NFL and let me figure out what works and does not work for them.

With the best athletes, and presumably the best brains, any good coach can mold them into something useful.

Tackle Joe Staley is an excellent example. He’s had to play in vastly different offensive schemes, including whatever one would call Jimmie Raye’s offense.

The 49ers' problem continues to lie in the strange obsession with bad offensive linemen. Once Lynch invests real money in real talent, we'll start to see improved, reliable play from the front five

Probably never.

I don’t know if people are “fed up” with the Democrats or the Republicans, but both parties are complicit in throwing raw meat to the rabid dogs.

People are artificially “fed-up” with a system that they feel doesn’t benefit them. As a candidate, President Trump found a way to toss gasoline on these embers and won the White House on the backs of a not-so-silent base.

Both parties have traded away negotiation and compromise, tenants of the U.S. Constitution, for a Sith-like stand: You’re with us, or you’re against us.

Find a third-party candidate who brings common sense to the table and helps the nation move past falsehoods and immovable ideology.

These next two men, Dustin and Brian, had a significant impact on my life than they think.

“Yield,” because the songs sound better live.

“Bullwinkle Part II” by The Centurions. You can hear it when Vince is driving to pick up Mrs. Mia Wallace for their... uh, when Vince was taking Mia out for good company.

Everyone is in the cards, it’s just a matter of how the 49ers can use cap space properly. I still want the 49ers to land guard Rodger Saffold from the Rams before Houston, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Alexander is a far better inside linebacker than Malcolm Smith and Brock Coyle.

Right away, second-year linebacker Fred Warner will not need to make every tackle or being in perfect position to cover for Smith. I’m looking forward to seeing if the Warner-Alexander dynamic is instantaneous or takes a few games for each man to get used to the other.

Players that are forced to take a year off due to injury always intrigue me. I have to assume each comes back motivated differently, but with a hunger to show what he can do, rather than what some may think he’s limited by.

Stats: Alexander finishes the season with 85 tackles, 25 assists, 3 sacks, and one INT.

I’ve been on the soul train for years now, but I am curious as to why Marcellus had his soul taken – or why he sold it – in the first place.

Themes of God are evident in the movie, and no more so than with Jules Winnfield.


Just after Jules and Vincent obtain the briefcase, an unknown man jumps from a spare room and fires a hail of bullets at Jules and Vincent.

The bullets miss both men, and Jules is convinced what they witnessed was divine intervention. Vince is convinced they witnessed a freak occurrence.

Jules quits the life and decides to walk the earth. Vince goes through two horrible events – shooting Marvin in the face and nearly watches Mia die from a heroin overdose. In the end, Vince is killed by his own gun in a bathroom.

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