• Matt Woolsey

Trade It Like Beckham: Is a Trade for Odell Worth Ignoring the 49ers Biggest Need?

With rumors swirling about the Cardinals are going to draft Kyler Murray it makes the second overall pick look a little more enticing for quarterback-needy teams. One of those teams would be the New York Giants, who drafted Saquon Barkley instead of a quarterback in last year’s draft.

What if the Giants get a little desperate and are willing to trade Odell Beckham Jr. to the 49ers for the second overall pick? If the Cardinals draft Murray, Nick Bosa is there for the taking. What is general manager John Lynch to do?

We have seen what head coach Kyle Shanahan has done with some lesser wide receivers. Imagine what he could do with one of the best wide receivers playing the game. Just picture Beckham running up the field, and Garoppolo hitting him in stride for a touchdown. I can see it now, only I see number 85 or 18 instead. See that’s just my point, look at what Shanahan has done with lesser wide receivers.

If watching the Chiefs last season taught me anything, it’s that you need some defense. The Chiefs felt the same way when they fired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton on Jan 22 of this year. I know the NFL is changing. It is becoming a more pass friendly league and it is more difficult than ever to play defense. But you must stay competitive on that side of the ball.

With the lack of pass rush the 49ers defense had no answers last season. Bosa or I would even say Josh Allen is Bosa goes number one has to be the answer with the second-overall pick. I would not trade back and to acquire more picks, I would take the best available edge rusher at number two.

Look at what Khalil Mack and Myles Garrett have done with their respective defenses. Those defenses have taking a step forward since the Bears and Browns have acquired them. I am not saying Bosa or Allen is Mack or Garrett, but the 49ers need a pass rush in the worst way. Stay put and draft Bosa.

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