• Safa Shooshtry

The Armchair Quarterback Volume 12: The Gauntlet of Young Warriors

Image Credit: Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Hear ye, hear ye! It is with great honor that I relay this story to you of The Gauntlet of Young Warriors! Many traveled from far and wide to the Land of Indians to show their spectacular speed, strength, and fortitude. All this in hopes of catching the eye of a visiting commander who could offer a place in his battalion’s ranks. Some never before seen feats were witnessed, and many could not believe their eyes!

A rebel from the Land of the Great River, young DeKaylin Zecharius of House Metcalf surprised his suitors with his blazing speed. He completed the dash of 40 yards in a mere 4.33 seconds. That result was faster than many other great warriors of his size and stature. That prestigious list includes the likes of Sir Julio of House Jones and Sir Calvin of House Johnson, both agile warriors in their right. His stock will have increased with many a recruitment commander. And he will make for a successful flanker wherever he may be placed.

Another young man also from the Land of the Great River made waves at the Gauntlet for his immense speed. This man was young Montez of House Sweat. His dash of 40 yards was completed in 4.41 seconds. This is a record for a warrior defending the line in battle. And by witness of the Gods, old and new, no other mortal of his size had ever made the dash in that time. Many a head were turned, and many a mouth were widened in disbelief. The only ones not in disbelief were Commanders Shanahan and Lynch of the 49th Regiment. They had heard of young Montez’ exploits and watched him in a skirmish of youth in Mobile Bay. They have been singing his praises since.

One young warrior who had created quite an uproar with his prowess in past battles, suffered a shaming result at the Gauntlet. Young Jachai of House Polite from the Land of Flowers came in looking sluggish. Too many meads and meat pies may have caused his unimpressive 4.84 second result in the dash of 40 yards. This proved to be one of the slowest times from defenders of the line. He claimed injury from prior battle as the cause of this let down. And after an equally unimpressive vertical jump of 32 inches, young Jachai took early leave of the event. It is yet to be seen how his value as a warrior may fare.

An honorable mention of the Gaunlet is Noah of House Fant, an attendee of the Hawkeye War Academy. This academy is of course the alma mater of one King George of House Kittle. Young Noah also happens to fight flanked tight to the end of the battle formation as does King George. The comparisons were there by matter of default. But quite a showing did this young man provide. His dash of 40 yards clocked in at 4.50 seconds, his vertical jump at 39.5 inches, and his broad jump 10-foot-7. All showing his competency as a fierce warrior. If he had previously gone unnoticed by recruitment commanders, now he is no longer in their periphery but right in their sights!

After a week’s worth of events, the Gauntlet of Young Warriors came to a close. Many questions were left as to whom each commander would select to join their militias. However, some decision became a bit clearer. The Firebird Army of the Great Desert seem inclined to select Kyler of House Murray from the Red Earth region. If that happens the 49th Regiment will go after Nicholas of House Bosa from the Large Creek state. Will these events occur? Or will some alternate paths be chosen? Only the old Gods and the new can predict!

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