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The Armchair Quarterback Volume 11: 49ers in Popular Songs Part 2

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Back by popular demand (well from me at least) is another edition of “49ers in Popular Songs.” Here we take look at 49er player references in popular songs because well it’s February and it’s a slow time for football news. Let’s get right into it.

San Quinn, “SF Anthem”

Hit like Barry, score like Jerry

Still right here, Fillmore to marry

Leave it to San Quinn, a San Francisco-based rapper, to throw in a great 49er reference in a song. His track “SF Anthem” would not be complete without an ode to the legend Jerry Rice. San Quinn throws out a reference to another SF legend as well. He mentions the hitting prowess of former Giants slugger Barry Bonds, but he brings it home with the “score like Jerry” line. That’s because no one in NFL scored like Jerry. He is still the all-time career leader in touchdowns with 208!

Fun fact: San Quinn is a cousin of former 49ers wide receiver Stevie Johnson!

Tha Alkaholiks, “Let It Out”

The rhymes I got, hit like Ronnie Lott

When Ronnie Lott played the whole league took notice of the punishing hits he placed on opposing players. Among those that took notice were Los Angeles-based hip-hop group Tha Alkaholiks. Their rhymes apparently “hit like Ronnie Lott.” You might want to take caution before you listen to their music. Because it might leave you laid you out on your ass if it hits like Lott!

Das EFX, “Hardcore Rap Act”

I keeps the 2 ready

to hit you in your chest like Steve Young do Jerry

Das EFX, the hip-hop duo from the east coast paid homage to the excellent quarterback/wide receiver duo of Steve Young and Jerry Rice in their song “Hardcore Rap Act.” Via simile, they note how their advanced weaponry has the ability to hit someone in the chest. Much like Young’s passes hit Rice right in the numbers! In the fact the two of them -- Young and Rice, not Das EFX -- were so prolific they finished their time together with a then-record 92 touchdowns that they had linked up for. So really advanced weaponry has NOTHING on Young and Rice!

Da Band, “Living Legends”

I change climates

And break more records

Than Rice did for the Niners

Back in simpler times, 2002 to be exact, P. Diddy was trying to put a hip-hop group together. This was done on the reality TV show “Making the Band 2.” As he gathered contestants and put the group together, their collective identity was dubbed Da Band (yes, I know so creative).

In one of their tracks entitled “Living Legends,” member Fred (yes also such a creative rap name) spits a verse where he claims to “break more records than Rice did for the Niners”. Now considering how many records Rice broke and how quickly Da Band folded maybe Fred is counting the wrong records. Shortest lived band? Least listened to records? Lowest attendance at a concert? I of course jest. But before I go, I must remind everyone who the five best rappers of all-time are… DY-LAN, DY-LAN, DY-LAN, DY-LAN, and DY-LAN! Because he spits hot fire!!


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