• Scott Young

DraftCast: 2019 Combine Preview/Interview with Penny Hart

Image Credit: Fake Pigskin

DraftCast is back! Mason and Zach are back to take the overview info they gave you in the combine primer episode and give their predictions for who will do the best in each category. At the end, Zach sits down with Georgia State Wide Receiver Penny Hart for an interview you won't want to miss!

Special thank you to Penny for joining us! You can follow him on Twitter here!

0:00 - Intro

0:40 - QBs

3:25 - RBs

5:20 - WRs

9:25 - Tight ends

13:30 - OL

20:00 - DL

26:55 - LBs

30:30 - DBs

37:40 - Intro into Penny Hart interview

55:00 - Outro

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